Sunday, January 22, 2006

Freshmen & Men Magazine

Specialty Publicatons publishes gay erotic men's magazine (Men, Freshmen, (2) and Unzipped Monthly), and is "Always on the lookout for top-notch writers."

Erotic Fiction Guidelines For Men & Freshmen

Readers are invited to submit fiction for consideration for inclusion in Men and Freshmen and nonfiction story ideas for Unzipped Monthly.

The stories we choose for publication are expected to excite gay men sexually. We know that our readers come from every economic class and racial and ethnic group, and many of them are married. There fore, the themes of our stories can vary.

They can be romantic, humorous, outrageous, kinky, rough or tender. Of course, the stories should depict characters having sex in a wide variety of places.

We need stories that are well-written as well as sexually explicit. The reader should be able to visualize the characters, and characters should have distinct personalities. Authors may choose to write in the first person, third person or omniscient point of view. A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an ending. There should be something explicit on the first page to hook the reader’s interest, but a piece should not climax until close to the end. A story should end with something more compelling than, “And then we moved in together, and we’ve been lovers ever since.”

It is imperative that our authors avoid misogynist, racist, or blatantly heterophobic language.

We will not accept material that features minors. This includes recollections of childhood sexual experiences, or depictions/descriptions of individuals under the age of 18 in even slightly sexually suggestive contexts. All sexual partners must be 18 years of age or older. If a story involves characters who are students, they must be freshmen in college at the very least .

Specialty Publications does not publish material that promotes negative images of individuals distinguished by gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation or disability.

We do not accept material that features:

I . Bondage or involuntary servitude in a sexual context.

II. Incest (this includes sexual activity between members of the same family, whether or not they are biologically related ) .

III. Sex with violence, submission, coercion, degradation, exploitation, humiliation, or sex under the color of authority (i.e., teacher/student, cop/motorist, boss/employee, doctor/patient, military ranking, etc).

IV. Sexual assault, rape, nonconsensual sex (i.e. with a drunk or unconscious partner), sexual harassment, or sexual activity that appears to be achieved chiefly by force or deception or as a result of power imbalances between the part i c i p a n t s .

V. Sexual activity that includes pain and suffering, spanking or beating, mutilation, the letting of blood from any part of the body, or the taking of human life.

VI . Urination, defecation or enemas in a sexual context.

VII . Sexual activity between human beings and animals.

VIII . Any sexual activity whatsoever involving dead bodies

However, provided that a story is imaginative and well-written, we will consider pieces that describe any other sexual practice, taste or fetish. Bear in mind that the more unconventional a character’s desire seems, the more important it becomes to establish a strong connection between the reader and that character.

Safer sex is encouraged but not required, and in some stories it would be out of place. We prefer a brief mention of the use of condoms, etc, to a long lecture about hygiene.

While certainly the vital component, sex alone cannot carry a story. More is required than simply two guys meeting and having sex. Stories must also contain some kind of tension (sexual or otherwise), as well as some variety of conflict and resolution .

All stories must be original. We do not accept material that has appeared elsewhere, and we do not consider pieces submitted simultaneously to other publications. We do not publish poetry.

Stories should be 2,000-2,500 words. Fiction should be submitted on 3.5-inch computer disc. We prefer Microsoft Word files for Macintosh, but IBM files in DOS text may be acceptable. Submissions via e-mail in simple text are also acceptable.

Send to, and enter fiction submission in the subject box. All electronic submissions must be followed by a hard copy. Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, and free of extraneous markings (i.e. proofreading marks). Please label your disk with the name of the file that contains your story, the name of your word-processing program, and its version number.

Please put your legal name, pseudonym if you choose one for your byline, return address, telephone number, e-mail address, and social security number on the first page of the manuscript. If you would like your manuscript returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Allow at least six weeks for a response.

Compensation: $150 for first North American serial rights and an additional $25 for nonexclusive worldwide rights if they subsequently choose to reprint the article.

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