Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Caught Making Out On The Sofa?

Urbana Rue designs, manufactures, and sells, cool cheap furniture online, and the website is launching in one month. (You can check it out, but the site is still in progress.)

Their assignment? "Write a 100-200 word journal entry about how you once got caught making out or having sex on a sofa. The journal entry can be completely fictional if you want, but it MUST use the word “sofa” at least 5 times AND the word “furniture” at least 5 times. Your journal entry cannot be x-rated or sexually explicit but it can be suggestive and humorous. Your writing doesn’t have to be too polished. Stream of consciousness is fine. Your journey entry will be titled: “I Got Caught on (enter a date here), and you should give your journal entry a date. You shouldn’t need to spend more than one hour writing this whole thing."

They are re going to use these journal entries on the website to add some personality to the website and also to hopefully drive search engine results through the use of the words “sofa” “and furniture” in our website content.

Note: By accepting payment, you agree to grant Urbana Rue all rights to publish your journal entry online at If they decide not to use your journal entry, then you retain all rights to the piece and we pledge not to use it in any form without paying you.

Compensation: $20 (immediately via paypal - or by check if you want) for the first 10 really good journal entries that we receive.

Send your journal entry via email to Barry at

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