Saturday, January 07, 2006

Brush Creek Media

Brush Creek Media, publisher of multiple gay men's magazines, posts this call:

Be familiar with our publications and the readers we are trying to reach. Read the title(s) that you are interested in prior to sending your work. Our publications can be purchased at most gay and lesbian, progressive, and adult bookstores. If you are still uncertain which publication your work would best fit into, let us decide.

BEAR is the bimonthly magazine that has grown alongside the Bear Movement. BEAR uses erotic fiction, media reviews, features, event reports, columns, illustrative erotic art, and photo spreads. All illustrations and nonfiction pieces are produced on assignment; most fiction is unsolicited.

Bunkhouse is the quarterly magazine that explores the authentic fetish value of Western Americana, historic and modern. Bunkhouse uses unsolicited fiction, assigned art, professional photography, and features on the erotic history of The West.

Foreskin Quarterlyis the quarterly for fans of foreskin and anti-circumcision activists. FQ uses unsolicited fiction, art (often—but not always—assigned), professional and amateur photography, nonfiction features, and photography of extreme developments and uses of the foreskin. FQ also uses adult-circumcision fantasies and true stories.

International Leatherman is the serious bimonthly leather/SM magazine for gay men. IL uses unsolicited and assigned fiction, art, photography, and nonfiction that explores, explains, or builds upon leathersex action. It is uncommon for IL to accept unassigned photography, but it can happen. Remember that the action is the important thing here.

The Submission Process

All manuscripts, drawings, photographs, etc. sent to Brush Creek Media may be considered for publication. Brush Creek Media assumes no responsibility for unsolicited submissions. Items submitted for consideration WILL NOT BE RETURNED. Do not send original illustrations or manuscripts for consideration. If submissions are chosen for publication, contributors will be notified regarding publication dates, compensation and contributor copies.

Manuscripts: Submissions of unsolicited fiction should be e-mailed to to the attention of the Submissions Department, in a format readable by Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. Ensure that your name, pen name, address, telephone number, Social Security Number (if US citizen or resident alien), and word count are clearly marked on the manuscript. Nonfiction features are considered for publication by prior arrangements with an editor. Turnaround time can be extensive—90 to 180 days—so please be patient. A letter of the receipt of your submission will be sent within the first 10 days, and then a status letter (either acceptance or rejection) will be sent within the aforementioned time. Additionally, if rewrites or major alterations are needed, we may undertake them on your behalf or ask you to do them. Normal editing will be undertaken, as needed, without notification. Fiction may also be mailed to the address at the end of this section, on a PC or MAC diskette in a format readable by Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. Items mailed will not be returned.

Mail submissions to:

Brush Creek Media, Inc.
2215-R Market Street, PMB #148
San Francisco, CA 94114


Fiction and Illustrations: Brush Creek Media, Inc. purchases first North American serial rights to all fiction appearing in our titles. For the first illustration or piece of fiction we publish, you receive $100. Your second sale to a BCM title pays $125. The third and each subsequent sale pays $150. Authors and artists can also expect a promotional copy of the title in which their work appears. Contributors should not expect payment before 30 days after publication.

Nonfiction and Features: Some short nonfiction writing may be paid from $35 to $150, on a rising scale like the one described for fiction. If an interview or special research is required, additional pay may be warranted and should be negotiated in advance with the appropriate editor.

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