Sunday, January 22, 2006

Brown Skin Books

Brown Skin Book authors must be women of colour and over 18.

They accept submissions ot erotic fiction (novels, short stories but no poetry, please) aimed
primarily at the modern woman of colour.

The novels/stories will be sensual, sexy and erotic, but not sleazy. They will need to be driven by plot and character—i.e. they need to have a ‘good story’ and strong, intriguing characters. The books may well have serious, thought-provoking, innovative or controversial points to make about life, sex, sexuality, desire etc, but humour could also be an important element.

The aim of the series is to explore various aspects of black female sexuality in a way that our readers will find interesting, possibly informative, but, at the same time, entertaining.

Erotic fiction really does need to be fiction. We don’t want to run the risk of being sued and neither do you. Changing names or adding ‘any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental’ is no protection in a court of law.

Novels should be between 75,000 and 90,000 words (that’s about 245 A4 pages double-spaced). Short stories should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words.

You may publish under a pseudonym.

Please send a synopsis (no more than one A4 sheet) along with a sample chapter (around 5,000 words) or a few pages of your story (around 2,000 words). Please enclose a stamped, elf-addressed envelope if you’d like your typescript returned to you. Please also enclose enough postage
(International Reply Coupons from overseas).

Brown Skin Books
PO Box 46504
London N1 3YA
020 7226 4789

You can also email your submissions to

They state they will acknowledge receipt of all submissions.

Compensation: £1500 for novels plus a share of royalties on all subsidiary rights sales. For short stories, you’d get a fee of between £150 and £200 for each accepted story.

For more information, see their author guidelines.

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