Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blackfire Print Magazine

Blacfire, an erotic magazine for black men, posts the following call:

Because you're reading these guidelines, you're one step closer to having us accept your work than are many others. We want to hear from you by way of a tantalizing query, a top-notch completed manuscript, or an article we can't resist featuring on the cover. Every year we work with a few unpublished writers, and in our pages you can also find the bylines and credits of established professionals. It doesn't matter if you're a pro or a novice. If the material meets our needs and standards, we use it.

Blackfire seeks stories, articles, and a very limited amount of poetry all related to black men unclothed or in erotic situations.

Here is a partial list of needs:

• Full-length erotic fiction of 2,000-4,000 words detailing the exploits of black men in the life.

• Nostalgia and humor pieces are welcome if they are black, ITL and erotic. We also publish historical articles and first-person accounts that meet these criteria.

• Where-to articles that include details on where black men in the life congregate. These can range from the latest local bar to out-of-the-way resorts. Thoroughness and accuracy are the keys to acceptance of these articles.

• Shorts. We use articles of 400 to 700 words with one to two photos for one-pagers. Subjects include fresh, sharply focused erotic ideas.

• We do not solicit product reviews, games or puzzles. Subjects considered inappropriate include stories that refer to minors, illegal drugs, bestiality, water sports and scat.

Erotic fiction can range from descriptions of idealized men having idealized sex ("his 13-inch dick spurted a cupful of love juice"), to depictions of typical men in plausible encounters ("homeboy didn't have no meat, but I didn't care; I wanted that booty"), to unconsummated hints at sex ("ballet is the politically correct way for men to stare at other men's dicks in public"). We are partial to the latter two categories.

We are not interested in stories that demean black men or place them in stereotypical situations.

Deadlines: Accept submissions year-round. Submit seasonal material six months in advance. For instance, a piece about Kwanzaa in December must be received in June, and an April piece about Easter must be in our hands in October.

To submit your work, email newsroom@blk.com. Submissions may also be mailed to Editor, Blackfire, PO Box 83912, Los Angeles, CA 90083-0912. (Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with adequate postage if you want your work returned.) Submissions may be faxed to the Editor at 310-410-9250. They usually respond within a month.

For more information, see their submission guidelines.

Compensation: $101 & Up

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