Saturday, January 07, 2006


I found this call from Scottie Lowe, Founder and Owner of AfroerotiK, but I am not certain if the anthology is still under consideration... I would email Scottie, and enquire...

I'm looking for writers as contributors to and for a potential erotic anthology.

1. Stories for the anthology should be a minimum of 2,000 and max of 11,000 words in length. Stories for the website should be a maximum of 3000 words.

2. Stories can cover any topic, however it must be erotic in nature, sex positive and be written expressly to show the healthy expression of Black sexuality. No stories will be considered in which Black women are made out to be materialistic, superficial, gold-digging, or man stealing. Black men should not be socially irresponsible, emotionally immature or stereotypically or negatively depicted.

3. Any sex in these stories must feature at least one female orgasm.

4. I will not accept stories that feature any of the following themes or acts: non-consensual sex, bestiality, underage sex, incest, violent or abusive sex, or anything where women are treated without respect.

5. I will not accept stories if the grammar or punctuation are substandard. Only phonetic misspellings will be judged based on their contribution to the story.

6. Stories should be original and previously unpublished in print form.

7. You may use a pseudonym or pen name if you wish, however I also need to know your real name if your story is selected.

8. You must be aged 18 or over to contribute.

9. All stories must have a title.

10. You may submit a maximum of three stories.

I will be looking for high quality writing, original ideas, intriguing characters and situations and—of course—steamy sex scenes. Don't just send blow-by-blow descriptions of sex.

If your story is selected it will be published in the AfroerotiK anthology or on the AfroerotiK website.

Submit online.

Compensation: For the anthology, To Be Decided. Stories for the website will not receive compensation but will be linked to a URL or email address.

Again, I would email to see the status of this project prior to submitting.

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