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Alternative-Read.com is looking for articles and columns about anything related to books/writing, alternative healing/medicine/lifestyles/New Age and the paranormal.

The guidelines are simple. You must own the copyright, and it should be of published standard. (Edited and ready for publication on site).

If accepted, your work will appear on the new Features page on the main site, posted to the review blog, and should space allow, in our monthly newsletter.

Please submit in a word attachment to Tracy-Jane@alternative-readDOTcom and head the email message ARTICLE or COLUMN SUBMISSION.

Please add a small bio (to be added at the bottom of your writing) and a link to your website/blog/book. We may also add this on another Meet our contributors page. Currently, we can't afford to pay you as any money made goes back into the site, but we hope the free publicity will be of some help. Think of it as our way of saying THANK YOU.

Thanks for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Open Call Quickies

A few general calls:

Midnight Showcase is placing a special call for submissions for novels in specific genres, and an open call for short story submissions for specific digests. They specialize in "Romance and Erotic-ahh Romance."

Details, submission guidelines, and contract information here.


Ephemera Bound is announcing a 'small quiet call lol' for books. An indie press doing print books only, they are looking for works in many areas, including erotica and non-fiction sexuality books.

Editor Deanna Dahlsad says "We'd really like to hear from authors, new or previously published, who have stories and know how to tell them. It sounds simple, but is it? Email us with your story as you've been telling your friends about it - why is it cool, funny, heartbreaking, hot, etc. We're human too, so tell us a story..."

Interested authors should contact the publisher via email at Deanna at ephemerabound.com.

They are still open for book reviewers, and you'll find that information here.


Jordan LaRousse, Chief Eros Officer at Oysters & Chocolate, wishes to remind you that in addition to their occasional contests, they do have an ongoing call for erotic submissions.

Here's the link to their submission guidelines page.


In other news, I've busted my hump this week to bring you the goods. So vote on the polls, and motivate me to continue with a donation via the Amazon 'tip jar' on the sidebar. (This weekend is heavy with deadline obligations for next week, so... prompt me with some token of appreciation!)

Don't Overlook Romance Writing

Romance is always a top area in mass market sales, but as this article will tell you, those numbers are only expected to increase.

But don't think 'romance' means the old historical bodice rippers or the light fluff that stops shy of heat. According to the same article, Romantic Erotica is a big seller. If you want newer figures (that article is 2000), see these figures from 2004.

For those interested in romance erotica, Passionate Ink.

Book Reviews & Author Interviews

Fallen Angel Reviews offers free services for erotica authors.

Book Reviews:
Contact Jaymi or JoAnn

Contact FAR

New Release By Month:
List your newest book cover
Contact Jaymi

They also have other announcement services, and some services with small fees.

For more information, read here.

Pink Flamingo Erotic Fiction

Pink Flamingo, a publisher of BDSM and spanking fiction (print and ebooks), is open to submissions.

A note from Editor Lizbeth: I'm always glad to review the work of new authors who are writing fiction that meets our editorial needs.

General Guidelines:

We accept about 30 manuscripts per year for print and ebook publication.

We are primarily interested in novels, but will look at some distinctive short story collections. Manuscripts should be between 45,000-60,000 words. We can accept larger manuscripts in some cases. But we do not accept individual short stories for print and Ebook publication.

We have an obvious emphasis on Bdsm works, either Femdom or Maledom oriented. But we also accept a smaller number of general, lesbian Bdsm and spanking titles.

For more information on submitting works, see their guidelines.

Compensation: Royalties


FREE STORIES Submissions:

We are accepting short stories of roughly 1,000-4000 words to post on our site in our free stories feature. (Longer stories will be accepted for serialization, but they need to have well-developed plots)

Stories must be well written and include something that will attract the reader's interest. We are looking for stories, not just sex scenes. We accept a wide range of content. Obviously adding D/s, S&M, spanking and other fetish material will attract many of our readers to your story. However, these elements are not necessary. (Note: Several authors who have submitted their stories to our Free Stories Feature have gone on to have larger erotic works published by Pink Flamingo.)

Please take time and care in editing your work for misspells and grammar. Works that haven't been, will not be accepted as we do not have the staff available for extensive editing.

Send your work as follows:

Via email in a file attachment compatible with MS Word. Most stories sent in the body of an email will be rejected since they become difficult to reformat for the web.

Please name your file with the story name.

Include at the top of the story:

1) Your name
2) Your penname
3) Your email address
4) Story title
5) What genre of erotica is included (i.e. spanking, femdom, M/f bdsm, general etc.)

Be sure to indicate when you submit that you're submitting your work for our FREE STORIES feature, and not for print and ebook publication.

Again, for more information on submitting works, see their guidelines.

Compensation: Exposure


They also are looking for book reviewers. The link on their website isn't working, so I recommend contacting Lizbeth at lizbeth [at] pinkflamingo.com

GLBT Promo Group For Authors

Authors and publishers of GLBT erotica and erotic romance are invited to promote at GLBT Promo Group.

GLBT Promo is a promotional group and not a discussion group. Communication is encouraged, but is done off-list.

GLBT Promo will launch its webpage in March of 2006. This webpage will be devoted to interviews of authors of GLBT erotica and erotic romance.

The first interview will be in April of 2006 with GLBT Promo member and author of erotica and erotic romance Marilyn Jaye Lewis.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Interviews Sought

In the Life, public television show on gay and lesbian issues, is looking for New York City women who partner with transmen. Here's the call:

PBS television’s LGBT-affirmative “In the Life” is producing a segment on women who partner with transmen. We are especially interested in stories about women who’ve had to rethink their identities due to their involvement with transmen - lesbians who now grapple with a heterosexual identity and straight women who now find themselves identifying as more queer. And those who are quite comfortable with a “trans-am” identity.

The show will be produced by the same guy who wrote the show “The View from the Other Half” for NPR’s “This American Life.” Listen here.

Would be an excellent promo op for authors.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sex Educator Needed

Not your typical Naughty Words post, but worthy of attention!

Blaire Allison from Metro Event Planners is seeking a Sex Educator in NYC area:

"I'm seeking a fun, educated female anatomy/sx expert to teach some workshops for my company www.metroplanners.com. Must be good in front of a crowd and have great tips to share! Previous experience with the sex industry/education a plus. Must have sex/ed background. This is a part time position and you will be needed on nights and weekends."

If you are interested and qualified, please send your info, picture and website URL (if you have one) to events at metroplanners.com


AfterEllen.com was launched in April 2002 to raise awareness about these issues and to contribute to the dialogue about lesbian and bisexual visibility in entertainment and the media through interviews, commentary, and reviews.

They are open to articles which have an alternative voice which take a commonsense approach to critiquing the subject of lesbians and bisexual women in the media. The site is designed to promote thought and discussion by presenting differing opinions on the same subject whenever possible.

If you have something you're passionate about and want to submit an article, email your proposal or article to submissions@afterellen.com (Microsoft Word attachment preferred, but text in the body of email acceptable.)

For more information, see their submissions guidelines.

Compensation: Not stated, enquire prior to, or when submitting.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bosslady Anthology

Editor, Justus Roux posts this call:

I will be accepting submissions for my new anthology: “Bosslady”

This time around I am only accepting short stories, sorry but no poems. What I am looking for is hot, hot, hot erotica about the alpha female. Romantic, Sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, etc: basically any genre. Stories can have hetro, bi, or gay characters as long as the woman is clearly in charge. This necessarily doesn’t mean every story has to have BDSM theme, though those kinds of stories are welcomed. I will not accept stories involving children, animals or incest, other than that anything goes.

Word count limit is 10,000.

I am asking for nonexclusive rights which mean you are free to submit your story elsewhere if you wish. Reprints are okay as long as you have the rights to the story.

You can submit stories now, but I won’t begin reading submissions until the beginning of March. The deadline is March 24, 2006, with an estimated release date of May 1, 2006. This book will be an e-book as well as a print book.

I don’t care how many writing credits you have it’s the story I go by, so I encourage new writers to submit stories. I read every submission and try to give constructive feedback.

Send stories as a Word doc. attachment or copy and paste story in the body of the email to storyteller36@msn.com. Please put that you are submitting for the anthology in the subject line. I will send notification that I have received your submission. Please no fancy fonts, New Times
Roman is what I prefer, it’s easier to format.

Compensation: $25 plus a print copy of the book.


They are also looking for an artist to create the cover:

To keep in tradition with my other three anthologies I am looking for an artist to have their creation on the cover of “Bosslady”. I am looking for something that will embody the alpha female. New artists are welcomed.

If interested send submissions in jpg format to storyteller36@msn.com

If chosen you will have to send final copy in 300dpi format.

Compensation: $100 plus a print copy of the book.

Velvet Mafia

Velvet Mafia: Dangerous Queer Fiction call:

The best gay fiction contains an element of the erotic, the adventure of sexual conquest, and the mystery of unexplored territory. Velvet Mafia seeks alternative gay literary fiction, poetry and erotica for future quarterly issues and planned anthologies.

The best gay fiction contains an element of the erotic, the adventure of sexual conquest, and the mystery of unexplored territory. Velvet Mafia seeks alternative gay literary fiction, poetry and erotica for future quarterly issues and planned anthologies. We want work that dares to step over the line, fiction with teeth. It can be sensual, dark, sexy, indecent, experimental, hard or raw, so long as the story makes us sit up and pay attention.

Work must be gay male focused. Does this mean that all the characters must be gay men? No. Does this mean that the author must be a gay man? No. Does this mean we will publish fiction by women? Yes, as long as the story is focused on a gay man.

We are now accepting work that has previously been published. If the piece has been published, indicate when and where.

We request First Electronic Serial Rights, which allows you to republish your work after the three month run of the issue. We will maintain your work in our archive for the run of the site.

Send work as the body of an email or as a Microsoft Word or Rich Text File (RTF) attachment. Make sure to include your name, an email address where you can be contacted, your mailing address and a short bio.

Please send just one story you think is right for us... if we want more, we'll ask for it.

Submissions will be responded to within two to three months, inquiries will be responded to immediately.

Email Submissions to: editor@velvetmafia.com

For more inforamtion, please read their guidelines.

Deadlines: Velvet Mafia will publish quarterly on the internet. Our issues will be available on February 1st, May 1st, August 1st & November 1st.

Compensation: Exposure and banner space to advertise your site.


Velvet Mafia also accepts book reviews:

"Velvet Mafia is looking for book reviews of queer/bent literature and erotica. Contact the editor if you want to have your book reviewed, or if you want to post a review."


Velvet Mafia is associated with Outsider Ink, which is also looking for submisstions of short fiction, poetry, artwork, photography and artist profiles.

Submit all work to editor@outsiderink.com with a short bio and other publications you have been seen in, if applicable. We do consider simultaneous submissions and are especially interested in emerging artists who have not yet been published.

See their submission guidelines for more information.

Compensation: Appears to be for the exposure.

Book Promotion Class

Promoting Books at Blogger lists a class for authors, editors and promoters of books:

"I often find those authors who jump right to NYC don't know some of the cheap promotions opportunities out there!"

Looks new & I have no other information. Interested persons should check it out.

Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica Vol 6

Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica Vol 6, is a best short stories of the year type book, seeking submissions of stories previously published, whether in print or online, during calendar year 2005.

Editor Maxim Jakubowski says "As to what I like, my tastes are idiosyncratic, but best refer to any of the previous volumes of the mammoth Erotica series. I'm broadminded."

Submit by mail (NOT e-mail) to:

Maxim Jakubowski
Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica Vol 6
95 Finchley Lane
London NW4 1BY, UK

Publisher: Carroll & Graf/ROBINSON

Any length up to 8,000 words.

Deadline April 16 2006.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Skeet Mag

Skeet Magazine posts this call:

We need a writer that is capable of writing Urban Content for our Men’s Mag, Skeet Magazine. Call me directly if you wish, James 778.999.4360

Compensation: Negotiable

Your Questions, My Thoughts

Often I am asked about my thoughts on particular contests or contest types, my experiences with specific publications, my opinions on print vs eBooks etc. And typically, I shy away from such conversations because I do not feel comfortable being some authority on the world of publishing - and I feel even worse making subjective decisions.

While I am a professional writer and editor, I don't claim to know 'everything' there is to know about writing, editing, sales, promotions, publishers etc. Unlike many persons and publications, I realize that I cannot know everything, and that even my own opinions are limited by what I have experienced in the world of published writing. I have not been published by 'everyone,' nor have I submitted my works 'everywhere,' so for me to start rating such things as publishers, publications, editors, well, it seems more than overwhelming -- it seems unfair.

This is why I do not comment, positively or negatively, on the calls I post here.

Perhaps more frightening than any person with limited knowledge offering themselves as an authority, is the idea of applying my ignorance to your lives. For I do not know all of you, I do not know why you write, what your goals are. If writing is relatively subjective, writing about writing is even more so.

So, forgetting the question 'who am I to speak with authority?' there is the question of 'what am I to speak to?'

I am a professional writer, not a professional report service - in order to be such, A) I'd need to be paid, B) I'd need to know more about you, and C) I'd have to be paid a lot in order to get over my willies to do such things.

But, as fate would have it, lately, many of you, yes you dear blog readers, have contacted me with your questions, and so, I feel compelled to answer.

It's clear to me that we have all levels of writers here, from beginners to old timers, hobbyists and professionals, and that your interests vary as well. Some of you are most interested in the calls, others appreciate the writing tips, and there have been a few requests for me to recommend books, workshops etc. And too, there is a small group which wants more information on promotions, book reviews etc. Since I know that for every email I receive there are others who have not contacted me (human nature as well as site stats tell me this!), I now pause to wonder: Just who is it here, reading? What do they want?

To this end, I'm starting polls.

Please take a moment to use the polls (posted on the sidebar) to tell me about your needs & interests, so that I may more fully make the Naughty Words blog useful to you. (This does not replace email contact; it only offers an option for those of you who are shy or in a hurry.)

Once again, I remind you that if you find my blog useful, to please make a donation via the Amazon 'Tip Jar' (also located on the sidebar).

Half Drunk Muse Poetry

Half Drunk Muse accepts erotic poetry.

According to editor Sarah Miller, "We're not interested in anything gratuitous, hateful, or derogatory, but a well crafted and surprising erotic poem would catch our attention."

General submission rules are as follows:

They do not accept work that has appeared online but will consider work that has appeared previously in print. However, reprints are not eligible for the Penny Jar Prize.

Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as you notify us immediately if the poem is accepted elsewhere.

Send three to five poems in the body of an email to submissions@halfdrunkmuse.com. "Less than three poems is ok; more than five makes us break out in a rash and sends us into the hospital."

Attachments will be deleted unread. If you really have to use an attachment, you should contact them via their website.

They also accept book reviews, essays on poetry, and interviews with poets. When sending unsolicited reviews, be sure to include all vital information on the book under review. If interested in writing essays or conducting interviews, please send a detailed query first. All mail, including requests to have books reviewed, should be directed to justin@halfdrunkmuse.com.

For more information, please read their submission information.

Compensation: Exposure, and The Penny Jar Prize annual cash prize.


Spice, Harlequin Romance's NEW erotic imprint, submission info:

Spice is to be a line of erotic books in the style of Emma Holly and Jaid Black and Alison Tyler. Editor Susan Pezzack says this about the books style:

Modern women have finally begun embracing and taking charge of their own sexuality. Everywhere you turn, the media is celebrating and promoting women and sex: on TV, in Hollywood, in every magazine on the rack. SPICE is Harlequin's new single-title imprint for really good, really smart erotic fiction for the modern woman who also wants a great read.

We are looking to acquire bold, pushing-the-envelope, high-quality editorial from top authors and talented new voices that have the ability to deliver believable, high-wattage sexual content set within the context of contemporary mainstream fiction. We want novels that will take the genre above and beyond today's stereotypical erotica stories.

What will set SPICE apart is its broad spectrum of sexy editorial. Stories in this line will range from highly sensual love stories to more contemplative, humorous tales to gritty, slice-of-life experiences of sex and the modern woman.

Our diverse editorial direction will include ethnic, literary (humorous, edgy, urban), mystery/suspense and paranormal genres in first or third person point-of-view (female only), or if it works for the story, multiple points of view.

SPICE is: A great plot, an engrossing story with several explicitly sexual scenes that have context within the story.

A unique take on modern women, their lives, their relationships and whatever turns them on.

Sophisticated, urban, contemporary, realistic, relevant.

Graphic, using the kind of frank language typical of the genre.

Daring — feel free to explore any and all sexual situations, even ones considered "taboo."

Not a string of unconnected, gratuitous sex scenes.

Not a big traditional romance with lots of sex.

Not full of euphemisms for body parts or lovemaking.

While actual SPICE titles will not be available until its launch in February 2006, prospective authors can familiarize themselves with some competitive titles, such as: Wifey by Judy Blume, 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed by Melissa P., Story of O by Pauline Reage, The Sexual Life of Catherine M. by Catherine Millet, Addicted by Zane, The Other Woman by Eric Jerome Dickey, Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell; and authors such as Jaid Black, Emma Holly, Alison Tyler, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Toni Bentley.

Please submit partial or full manuscripts accompanied by a synopsis. No emailed submissions, please. Agented submissions are preferred, but not essential.

Send your submission to:

c/o Susan Pezzack
225 Duncan Mill Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M3B 3K9

Additional info: Word Length, 90,000 – 150,000

Compensation: Royalties

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Brown Skin Books

Brown Skin Book authors must be women of colour and over 18.

They accept submissions ot erotic fiction (novels, short stories but no poetry, please) aimed
primarily at the modern woman of colour.

The novels/stories will be sensual, sexy and erotic, but not sleazy. They will need to be driven by plot and character—i.e. they need to have a ‘good story’ and strong, intriguing characters. The books may well have serious, thought-provoking, innovative or controversial points to make about life, sex, sexuality, desire etc, but humour could also be an important element.

The aim of the series is to explore various aspects of black female sexuality in a way that our readers will find interesting, possibly informative, but, at the same time, entertaining.

Erotic fiction really does need to be fiction. We don’t want to run the risk of being sued and neither do you. Changing names or adding ‘any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental’ is no protection in a court of law.

Novels should be between 75,000 and 90,000 words (that’s about 245 A4 pages double-spaced). Short stories should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words.

You may publish under a pseudonym.

Please send a synopsis (no more than one A4 sheet) along with a sample chapter (around 5,000 words) or a few pages of your story (around 2,000 words). Please enclose a stamped, elf-addressed envelope if you’d like your typescript returned to you. Please also enclose enough postage
(International Reply Coupons from overseas).

Brown Skin Books
PO Box 46504
London N1 3YA
020 7226 4789

You can also email your submissions to info@brownskinbooks.co.uk

They state they will acknowledge receipt of all submissions.

Compensation: £1500 for novels plus a share of royalties on all subsidiary rights sales. For short stories, you’d get a fee of between £150 and £200 for each accepted story.

For more information, see their author guidelines.

Freshmen & Men Magazine

Specialty Publicatons publishes gay erotic men's magazine (Men, Freshmen, (2) and Unzipped Monthly), and is "Always on the lookout for top-notch writers."

Erotic Fiction Guidelines For Men & Freshmen

Readers are invited to submit fiction for consideration for inclusion in Men and Freshmen and nonfiction story ideas for Unzipped Monthly.

The stories we choose for publication are expected to excite gay men sexually. We know that our readers come from every economic class and racial and ethnic group, and many of them are married. There fore, the themes of our stories can vary.

They can be romantic, humorous, outrageous, kinky, rough or tender. Of course, the stories should depict characters having sex in a wide variety of places.

We need stories that are well-written as well as sexually explicit. The reader should be able to visualize the characters, and characters should have distinct personalities. Authors may choose to write in the first person, third person or omniscient point of view. A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an ending. There should be something explicit on the first page to hook the reader’s interest, but a piece should not climax until close to the end. A story should end with something more compelling than, “And then we moved in together, and we’ve been lovers ever since.”

It is imperative that our authors avoid misogynist, racist, or blatantly heterophobic language.

We will not accept material that features minors. This includes recollections of childhood sexual experiences, or depictions/descriptions of individuals under the age of 18 in even slightly sexually suggestive contexts. All sexual partners must be 18 years of age or older. If a story involves characters who are students, they must be freshmen in college at the very least .

Specialty Publications does not publish material that promotes negative images of individuals distinguished by gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation or disability.

We do not accept material that features:

I . Bondage or involuntary servitude in a sexual context.

II. Incest (this includes sexual activity between members of the same family, whether or not they are biologically related ) .

III. Sex with violence, submission, coercion, degradation, exploitation, humiliation, or sex under the color of authority (i.e., teacher/student, cop/motorist, boss/employee, doctor/patient, military ranking, etc).

IV. Sexual assault, rape, nonconsensual sex (i.e. with a drunk or unconscious partner), sexual harassment, or sexual activity that appears to be achieved chiefly by force or deception or as a result of power imbalances between the part i c i p a n t s .

V. Sexual activity that includes pain and suffering, spanking or beating, mutilation, the letting of blood from any part of the body, or the taking of human life.

VI . Urination, defecation or enemas in a sexual context.

VII . Sexual activity between human beings and animals.

VIII . Any sexual activity whatsoever involving dead bodies

However, provided that a story is imaginative and well-written, we will consider pieces that describe any other sexual practice, taste or fetish. Bear in mind that the more unconventional a character’s desire seems, the more important it becomes to establish a strong connection between the reader and that character.

Safer sex is encouraged but not required, and in some stories it would be out of place. We prefer a brief mention of the use of condoms, etc, to a long lecture about hygiene.

While certainly the vital component, sex alone cannot carry a story. More is required than simply two guys meeting and having sex. Stories must also contain some kind of tension (sexual or otherwise), as well as some variety of conflict and resolution .

All stories must be original. We do not accept material that has appeared elsewhere, and we do not consider pieces submitted simultaneously to other publications. We do not publish poetry.

Stories should be 2,000-2,500 words. Fiction should be submitted on 3.5-inch computer disc. We prefer Microsoft Word files for Macintosh, but IBM files in DOS text may be acceptable. Submissions via e-mail in simple text are also acceptable.

Send to fiction@specpub.com, and enter fiction submission in the subject box. All electronic submissions must be followed by a hard copy. Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, and free of extraneous markings (i.e. proofreading marks). Please label your disk with the name of the file that contains your story, the name of your word-processing program, and its version number.

Please put your legal name, pseudonym if you choose one for your byline, return address, telephone number, e-mail address, and social security number on the first page of the manuscript. If you would like your manuscript returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Allow at least six weeks for a response.

Compensation: $150 for first North American serial rights and an additional $25 for nonexclusive worldwide rights if they subsequently choose to reprint the article.

More Quick Notes For Writers

Some advice on Writing and Selling Erotic Fiction.

Gloria Brame writes So, You Want To Be a Writer?, a candid guide to the realities of the publishing business, with advice on workshops, contests, writing proposals and pitching ideas.

And Ray Girvan has additional advice in Erotic Fiction: A Writer's Perspective.

If you're looking for hosting for your blog, NaughtyBlog.Net is a safe place for naughty bloggers. You can use it with Blogger or other blogging software, without the worries that your blog will be pulled for inappropriate materials (which, recently, has included the written word, not just photos or images). Currently open to friends or friends-of-friends only, you can contact them and say you are a friend of Naughty Words, if you'd like.

I've added a few resources to the sidebar links section, so take your time to look and see who is new!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Info For Writers

For American authors, here's some advice to authors regarding the dreaded 'tax time'.

For book authors as well as publishers and book reviewers, some thoughts on book reviews. And at the same site, another writer posts When The Classic Passes You By which has some really good thoughts on the feelings of a reviewer, as well as a lesson for writers on grabbing the reader. (FYI, the site offers an "Open Blog Night", which is an invitation to be heard at the site (aka 'promotional' if you have a website!).

Phaze Call

Phaze, the erotic romance imprint of Mundania Press, LLC, is proud to offer quality women's erotica and ultra-sensual romance in eBook and paperback format. Since 2004, we have published works by acclaimed erotica authors Madeleine Oh and Ann Regentin, produced a Romantic Times Top Pick (Devi Sparks' Fairy Godlover) and a Fictionwise erotic bestseller (Robin Slick's Three Days in New York City), and enjoyed successful group author signings in the Virginia Beach area.

2005 saw the successful launch of two seasonal erotic shorts lines - summer's Sparklers and Halloween's Shivers, and 2006 promises to be even better with paperback releases from Madeleine Oh and Trixie Stiletto, and eBook releases from Bridget Midway and Robin Slick. We also plan toattend RT 2006 and accept author appointments.

We are currently seeking submissions to add to our catalog. If you have a spicy, compelling romance - be it contemporary, paranormal, interracial, historical or menage, or a combination of any of the aforementioned - Phaze invites you to submit.

We invite you to browse our submission guidelines, that you may know exactly what we want and do not want. Seasonal HeatSheet requirements will be posted as needed.

For prospective authors, we offer an online a sample contract and an author's prospectus.

Contracted authors with Phaze receive the benefit of having books listed with Ingrams and Fictionwise, and will receive a starter pack of promotional items and support from our Promotions Director (though authors are encouraged to self-promote). Phaze offers additional publicity through a Yahoo mailing list and on-site message board, RSS feeds, and a regular podcast produced by Phaze author Leigh Ellwood.

Questions about our submissions process and guidelines may be directed to the Managing Editor at submissions@phaze.com.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Erotica Writing Workshops

Not loved up for Valentine s Day? Get sexy in writing instead.

Join a six week course of intensive tuition and coaching on writing about sex: from the simply sensual to the downright dirty. Starting on Tuesday February 14th, the workshops will run weekly until 21st March inclusive, from 7.00-9.00pm at The Prince Arthur pub, 38 Dean Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3EG, UK.

The course includes:

* Genres and subgenres the wide world of writing about sex

* Sex for novels fitting sexual episodes into longer works of fiction

* Thesaurus issues - choosing the right sex words for your kind of fiction

* Why doesn t my sex writing work? Getting your writing to a happy climax

* Sex for money markets for your fiction.

Please note: This is not a course for the easily shocked or for writing novices. Even if you ve worked with Kay before, please send a sample of your erotic writing to kay@charybdis.freeserve.co.uk so she can judge if you are at a level where the course will benefit you. This sample will not be used in class or shown to anybody other than the tutor. You
must be able to cope with discussions that will include subjects such as homosexual activity, mild BDSM and fetishism, but this class will not engage with non-consensual sex, under-age sex or any form of bestiality. Kay reserves the right to remove any student from the course who is not
dedicated to writing good erotic fiction.

Former students say:

What a fabulous course, life changing ...
An excellent introduction to the craft of erotic writing
A really inclusive learning environment

Pushcart nominated Kay Sexton is an Associate Editor for Night Train journal who has had more than seventy short stories published and whose erotica appears regularly under a number of pen-names. Her website gives details of her current and forthcoming publications. Her current focus is Green Thought in an Urban Shade a joint words and pictures project with painter Fion Gunn which has exhibitions scheduled in London, Dublin and Beijing.

The course costs £72 (£60 conc/friends) payable in advance to Kay Sexton. To book your place and for more information please contact workshops@thesouth.org.uk or phone 07810 272791

Maximum ten places.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Reviews & Interviews

As MayReviews.com begins its second year, they are looking for the following:

Reviewers: No experience is necessary, we will train you. All you need is a desire to read and review so great books. Interested writers should email mayreviews@yahoo.com, with Reviewer written in the subject line of email.

Authors: MayReviews also hosts Author Interviews. We are scheduling interviews for the new year. Authors interested should contact us at mayreviews@yahoo.com, with Interviews Request written in the subject line of email.

Books to Review: Reviews of Erotic books only. Authors/publishers with books who are interested in reviews at the site should email us at mayreviews@yahoo.com, with the book attached and your book title written in subject line. A brief description of the work should be in the email, along with the authors name, publishers name, genre, and release date. Prerelease are accepted with minor errors.

Thank You

A quick thank you to the folks who did put some funds in the ol' tip jar. (The rest of you ought to thank them too.)

I'll be sure to continue posting this week.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

This Weekend...

I'll be doing some phone interviews Friday, then traveling this weekend, and will not be back to post calls & tips until Tuesday. I also have 3 paid gigs with deadlines this week... including several other phone interviews...

All this means that blog posts will be sporadic the week of the 16th. In fact, I may take the week off...

If you'd like to provide me incentive, please use the 'tip jar' and make a donation via Amazon -- it's easy, just use the box there at the right!

If you want me to continue to post calls, let's face it money is a motivator. Posting calls and tips basically increases my competition for writing gigs, so let's keep this endeavor a labor of love - and you all show me some love in return with a token donation, yes?

International Call For Submissions For Women Writers

Mitzi Szereto places this call for "Getting Even: Women’s Tales of Revenge," an anthology to be published by Serpent’s Tail, London:

The "fairer sex" we’ve all been screwed over in one way or the other, with the screwers often walking away unscathed. Old story, right? But what if FOR ONCE the "unfair sex" (and even some of our own) actually got what’s coming to them? Lover, husband, husband’s bit on the side, boss, child minder, neighbour, loan officer, auto mechanic, milkman, whomever. Ladies, it’s time to settle the score! Who says revenge ain’t sweet?

Stories can be of any length, but try to keep under 9,000 words.
Stories may be of any sexual orientation.
All stylisations are welcome.
Unpublished material only.

Submission requirements:

Submit stories in hard copy, double-spaced (with a Windows-compatible file available on request). Manuscripts not chosen will be discarded, so do not send your only copy. Include with your submission a brief author bio and your email address. Please do NOT submit stories by email
unless I request it. For queries/postal information, contact: worddabbler@yahoo.com

Submission deadline: 1 August 2006

Cthulhu Sex

Cthulhu Sex is a print magazine, featuring three themes: Blood, Sex and Tentacles. Along with horror & erotic fiction, they also accept reviews, interviews & other non-fiction works

"We are most interested in works that have an entertaining, motivated plot and evoke a charged atmosphere of terror and titillation. Catering to erotic horror readers, we look for horror with erotic influences as opposed to erotica with horrific influences. Though we are predominantly an erotic horror publisher, we also accept a small amount of straight horror, erotica, humor, combinations of such and/or crossover works that touch on such. We are open to experimental writings. Most of all, we desire interesting and well written stories."

Prose should be 5000 words or less. Generally around 2500-3000 words. They do not publish excerpts of books and serials, except upon their request.

Poetry submissions should be limited to a total of 120 lines or less in as many as 3 pieces.

Interviews should be between 800 and 3000 words and are expected to have supporting photography.

Reviews in CSM consist of the title of the piece reviewed, the pertinent information about the piece, an image of the cover, and a 23-word review.

For more information, see the guidelines.

Compensation: Exposure

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Stroke of Midnight Contest for Unpublished Authors

Writing contest - Get in front of editors at Kensington, Avon, Berkley

The Stroke of Midnight Contest for Unpublished Authors still needs entries in all categories.

This contest is for those authors unpublished in full-length format (25,000 words or more), those who have not been published in the last 5 years, &/or those who are unpublished in the category they are entering.

Submit up to the first 35 pages of your erotic romance novel (25,000 words or more projected length) and an unjudged, but required, synopsis of up to 5 pages.

Entry fee is $15 for Passionate Ink members, $25 for non-members.

Judging the first round are published and unpublished authors interested in reading erotic romance. The final judging will be done as follows:

Contemporary, Kate Duffy of Kensington
Historical, May Chen of Avon
Paranormal/Time Travel, Kate Seaver of Berkley
Futuristic/Science Fiction/Fantasy, Deidre Knight of The Knight Agency

Fore more information, and to enter, see their guidelines.

Deadline: Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Best of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association

ERWA will be creating an anthology, called Cream: The Best of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association, to be edited by Lisabet Sarai, and to be published in the fall of 2006 by Avalon Publishing Group (either Blue Moon Books or Thunder's Mouth Press).

Lisabet Sarai's call is here:

This collection of fiction from the Erotica Readers and Writers Association website will showcase the originality, breadth and imagination of ERWA contributors. We want to offer the world an oversized sampling of the arousing, humorous, and thought-provoking work that appears on the
ERWA site every month. I would like to include at least thirty authors, and hope to use the ERWA weekend themes as an organizing device for at least part of the volume. I also plan to include a limited selection of ERWA's signature flashers.

You may submit any story which has appeared in the ERWA galleries (regular or feature galleries) at any time since ERWA's inception. I prefer work which has not been subsequently been published in print, but I will consider it, especially if the story appeared more than two years ago.

I am primarily looking for full length stories, and especially theme stories (I've promised the publisher at least 300 pages!), but I also will choose some quickies and flashers. (No poetry please, for this collection.)

Each author may submit up to three pieces (across all categories). I do not expect to include more than one piece per author, however, since I really want to offer a sense of ERWA's wonderful variety.

I'm interested in any or all genres, sexual orientations, atmospheres, and topics. While quality writing and literary craft are important, I'm also definitely seeking stories that turn me on.

Submit your work as PLAIN TEXT in the body of an email - just as you would for Storytime. No HTML, no special characters, no attachments, just vanilla text! Please keep the line length under 60 characters, and use a blank line to separate paragraphs.

If you submit more than one piece, include each one in a separate email message.

Please preface your story with the following information:

o Your pen name
o Your real name
o Your postal address
o Your preferred email address
o Date that your story appeared on the ERWA site (at least the year, ideally the month)
o If your story was written in response to a theme weekend, what was the theme.
o IMPORTANT: If your story has previously appeared in print, indicate
when and where, plus a statement that you hold necessary rights for it to appear in this anthology.

Email your stories to: submissions@lisabetsarai.com

Deadline for submissions is FEBRUARY 28, 2006. I will send an email acknowledgement for each submission. I will notify contributors about acceptance by APRIL 15, 2006.

Payment for accepted work will be as follows:

Full length stories $50
Quickies $25
Flashers $10

Payment will be made after publication.

Good Vibrations Magazine

Good Vibrations Magazine is looking for non-fiction sex articles.

Please, take some time to read a few of the articles that have been previously published in the Good Vibes Magazine as well as the following Submission Guidelines prior to submitting your work.


Only submit articles addressing topics on sex:

Sexual Pleasure & Health

Sex & Culture

Product-Related Articles (Research Labs)

Sex & Disability

Sex & Parenting

Do not send attachments (please include all text in the body of the email)

Material must be original and previously unpublished

Word count should be approximately 1000-1200 words

Contributors can expect to hear from us (whether the work is accepted or rejected) approximately 90 days after we've received the submission You may submit a maximum of 2 different pieces (If we love you and your writing we may invite you to submit more articles.) No simultaneous submissions with other publications.

Accepted articles may be published and re-pblished in the GV magazine at our discretion and can be pulled by us at any time for any reason. Acceptance of and payment for an article does not guarantee when the article will appear in our pages nor for how long.

Your submission of an article to our editor (submissions@goodvibes.com) means that you've read and accepted these terms.

Compensation: $150

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Erotiqué Press

Erotiqué Press, an Echelon Press imprint, is currently accepting submissions for erotic fiction.

Now accepting HOLIDAY submissions for the coming seasons! (Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Spring Break, Easter, etc. holiday themed stories)

Erotiqué will offer readers a diversion from ordinary romance by introducing stories that explore the levels of sexual intensity while maintaining the emotional value of romance. We are not looking for excessively violent themes or stories that involve any acts that are sadistically deviant or illegal (pedophilia, necrophilia, rape, or beastiality). We encourage writers to rely on their instincts to create compelling stories while fully developing their characters and offering readers the highest levels of sensuality.

Erotiqué is currently publishing in electronic formats only. If at a later date we choose to do paperback editions, appropriate contracts will be negotiated.

For more information, see their guidelines and submission info.

Old Posts That Are Still Opportunitues

Looking back at older (September) posts here at Naughty Words, the following are still active:

On Going Calls for Erotic Story Websites

Pussywhipped Online Magazine

Risque Collectors

Black Velvet Seductions

Petnhouse Call

Adult Product Reviewer/Writer Opportunities

Bust Magazine Erotica Call

This serves as a reminder not to dismiss previous posts! Look at the archieves as many old posts are still wonderful opportunities!

Monsters and Critics

Monsters and Critics is looking for writers. Note, the positions currently have no compensation, however, the site offers wonderful exposure.


We are looking for new weekly/monthly columnists across the site. If you have a column idea in mind then feel free to drop us a line and we will consider your proposal. Sponsored columns are acceptable - contact us for details.

To apply for any of columnist position, please contact via this form selecting the 'Submissions' department.

Please include details of your name, free time available, location and any previous examples of articles you have written. Details of any other sites you have/currently contribute to would also be handy if present.

A brief explanation of why you want to work on the site and what you think you would bring to it is also required.

Please make sure you have some spare time to actually do this before going through the whole process. Some positions require more time than others.

Feel free to ask any questions in your application email.

News Stories:

If you have news, a piece you have written or some commentary you would like published then please submit it along with authorisation for M&C to publish it on the site.


If you have excerpts, news or associated media please contact the newsdesk and we will get in touch.

Please do not send us requests for reviews. We have a limited number of reviewers and they tend to plan out what they are reviewing themselves. You can however submit your book/s to Kirkus Reviews...since M&C also publishes their reviews.

Notes on Kirkus:

Kirkus Reviews does not review books that have already been published - however, they consider any previously unpublished, but already contracted, titles that are submitted in galley form at least three months (preferably longer) before publication date.

When submitting to Kirkus it is important that you include certain standard information -- price, publication date (the more exact, the better), ISBN -- as well as a brief description of the book and some particulars about the author (previous works, academic affiliation, or other special qualification, etc.).

Please note that we require two copies of every submission.

All adult titles to:
Eric Liebetrau
Kirkus Reviews
VNU US Literary Group
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

Kirkus Reviews does not review books in the categories listed below:

* mass market
* already published books
* textbooks
* reference
* self-published titles
* print-on-demand titles
* e-books
* specialized technical or professional works
* poetry
* reprints
* photography
* art
* compendiums of information (e.g., travel guides)
* instruction manuals
* self-help
* screenplays or other types of dramatic scripts
* any work intended for an academic audience

Kirkus Discoveries
will review those books -- for a fee!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


I found this call from Scottie Lowe, Founder and Owner of AfroerotiK, but I am not certain if the anthology is still under consideration... I would email Scottie, and enquire... fantasies@afroerotik.com

I'm looking for writers as contributors to AfroerotiK.com and for a potential erotic anthology.

1. Stories for the anthology should be a minimum of 2,000 and max of 11,000 words in length. Stories for the website should be a maximum of 3000 words.

2. Stories can cover any topic, however it must be erotic in nature, sex positive and be written expressly to show the healthy expression of Black sexuality. No stories will be considered in which Black women are made out to be materialistic, superficial, gold-digging, or man stealing. Black men should not be socially irresponsible, emotionally immature or stereotypically or negatively depicted.

3. Any sex in these stories must feature at least one female orgasm.

4. I will not accept stories that feature any of the following themes or acts: non-consensual sex, bestiality, underage sex, incest, violent or abusive sex, or anything where women are treated without respect.

5. I will not accept stories if the grammar or punctuation are substandard. Only phonetic misspellings will be judged based on their contribution to the story.

6. Stories should be original and previously unpublished in print form.

7. You may use a pseudonym or pen name if you wish, however I also need to know your real name if your story is selected.

8. You must be aged 18 or over to contribute.

9. All stories must have a title.

10. You may submit a maximum of three stories.

I will be looking for high quality writing, original ideas, intriguing characters and situations and—of course—steamy sex scenes. Don't just send blow-by-blow descriptions of sex.

If your story is selected it will be published in the AfroerotiK anthology or on the AfroerotiK website.

Submit online.

Compensation: For the anthology, To Be Decided. Stories for the website will not receive compensation but will be linked to a URL or email address.

Again, I would email fantasies@afroerotik.com to see the status of this project prior to submitting.

Brush Creek Media

Brush Creek Media, publisher of multiple gay men's magazines, posts this call:

Be familiar with our publications and the readers we are trying to reach. Read the title(s) that you are interested in prior to sending your work. Our publications can be purchased at most gay and lesbian, progressive, and adult bookstores. If you are still uncertain which publication your work would best fit into, let us decide.

BEAR is the bimonthly magazine that has grown alongside the Bear Movement. BEAR uses erotic fiction, media reviews, features, event reports, columns, illustrative erotic art, and photo spreads. All illustrations and nonfiction pieces are produced on assignment; most fiction is unsolicited.

Bunkhouse is the quarterly magazine that explores the authentic fetish value of Western Americana, historic and modern. Bunkhouse uses unsolicited fiction, assigned art, professional photography, and features on the erotic history of The West.

Foreskin Quarterlyis the quarterly for fans of foreskin and anti-circumcision activists. FQ uses unsolicited fiction, art (often—but not always—assigned), professional and amateur photography, nonfiction features, and photography of extreme developments and uses of the foreskin. FQ also uses adult-circumcision fantasies and true stories.

International Leatherman is the serious bimonthly leather/SM magazine for gay men. IL uses unsolicited and assigned fiction, art, photography, and nonfiction that explores, explains, or builds upon leathersex action. It is uncommon for IL to accept unassigned photography, but it can happen. Remember that the action is the important thing here.

The Submission Process

All manuscripts, drawings, photographs, etc. sent to Brush Creek Media may be considered for publication. Brush Creek Media assumes no responsibility for unsolicited submissions. Items submitted for consideration WILL NOT BE RETURNED. Do not send original illustrations or manuscripts for consideration. If submissions are chosen for publication, contributors will be notified regarding publication dates, compensation and contributor copies.

Manuscripts: Submissions of unsolicited fiction should be e-mailed to bcmsales@brushcreek.com to the attention of the Submissions Department, in a format readable by Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. Ensure that your name, pen name, address, telephone number, Social Security Number (if US citizen or resident alien), and word count are clearly marked on the manuscript. Nonfiction features are considered for publication by prior arrangements with an editor. Turnaround time can be extensive—90 to 180 days—so please be patient. A letter of the receipt of your submission will be sent within the first 10 days, and then a status letter (either acceptance or rejection) will be sent within the aforementioned time. Additionally, if rewrites or major alterations are needed, we may undertake them on your behalf or ask you to do them. Normal editing will be undertaken, as needed, without notification. Fiction may also be mailed to the address at the end of this section, on a PC or MAC diskette in a format readable by Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. Items mailed will not be returned.

Mail submissions to:

Brush Creek Media, Inc.
2215-R Market Street, PMB #148
San Francisco, CA 94114


Fiction and Illustrations: Brush Creek Media, Inc. purchases first North American serial rights to all fiction appearing in our titles. For the first illustration or piece of fiction we publish, you receive $100. Your second sale to a BCM title pays $125. The third and each subsequent sale pays $150. Authors and artists can also expect a promotional copy of the title in which their work appears. Contributors should not expect payment before 30 days after publication.

Nonfiction and Features: Some short nonfiction writing may be paid from $35 to $150, on a rising scale like the one described for fiction. If an interview or special research is required, additional pay may be warranted and should be negotiated in advance with the appropriate editor.

S.M.U.T. Magazine

What does smut mean to you? Class, trash, ass? We're always interested in upcoming authors and brand new material.

Stories should be no longer than 3000 words. Poetry is limited to 75 lines.

S.M.U.T. generally does not pay its contributors, unless you're super hot. We do what we can, but we're small and independent right now. We can, however, offer notoriety, fame, fortune and our undying thanks. We'll also do everything we can to promote your work.

That said, feel free to send us your sexy stuff. We're always on the lookout for work that gets us and our readers all hot and bothered.

If you'd like to send us your smut, please read the guidelines.

To submit, email submit@showmethesmut.com or mail to:

S.M.U.T. Magazine
P.O. Box 90083
Parkdale Postal Outlet
1488 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6K 1L0

Friday, January 06, 2006

Oysters & Chocolate Short Story Contest

How hot is too hot? Oysters & Chocolate is hosting its first short story competition of 2006, Sexy Hot Tomales! All we're asking is for you to warm us up so we can make it through this cold, Colorado winter! That's why we want you to submit the hottest erotica that you can imagine. We're looking for a story that will make us sweat. We want a story that's so hot and sexy that when we read it, we just can't wait to take our clothes off!

The hottest story earns a $500 CASH PRIZE and will be featured on our homepage.

There is a $10 reading fee to enter. We will be accepting contest reading fees by check or money order, and Paypal. The reading fees must be postmarked by March 1st in order for your submission to be considered. You may enter multiple stories at once into the contest, but please send $10 per each submission.

Payment methods:

Please make check or money order payable to JordanSade LLC, and mail it to:
JordanSade LLC
1630A 30th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

To submit via Paypal, please send a $10 payment/story to samantha@oystersandchocolate.com. In the email subject, type "story contest" and in category of purchase, choose "services." Yes, we are Paypal Verified.

Submission requirements:

1. We highly suggest that you submit your short story electronically by emailing your story to: submissions@oystersandchocolate.com. Attach your story to the email, and paste it in the body of the email. Please type "Contest Submission" in the subject line. Please note that we will not read your submission until we receive your check or money order by mail, or payment via Paypal.

2. If for some reason you are unable to email your story, please send your story in with your check by mail. Please include two copies, and send your submission typed, double spaced, with your name and the title of the story on each page.

Deadline: Entries due by March 1st

Contest winner will be announced and published April 1st!

Bust Magazine

From Bust Magazine:

"Got a great story or a great story idea? Something you’re so passionate about that you’ve just gotta share it with the world? Then don’t just sit there, woman—submit your story to BUST!"

Does your brilliant idea fall into one of these handy categories? If so, please specify the section when submitting:

Broadcast: Stories in this department focus on pop culture personalities and events important to women. Here's where we write about that amazing performance artist or that crazy downtown exhibit, and indulge in shameless she-ro worship. Submissions should be 250-350 words long.

Around The World in 80 Girls: What makes your hometown the BUST-iest place on earth? For this ongoing series, we’re looking for writers who can dish all the insider dirt on the best grrrl-friendly hotspots their home turfs have to offer. From large cities to small towns, if you have a great take on what makes your hood a shangri-la for she-travelers, take some snapshots and show us why or just tell us where you live and what kind of destinations you plan on covering and we’ll put your pitch on file. Submissions should be 1000-1500 words long.

Features: Once we come up with a theme for an upcoming issue we try to post a call for submissions for it ASAP on the front page of bust.com, but this decision isn’t always made very far in advance of our editorial deadline. To get updates of our quarterly calls for submissions emailed to you, add your name in the form on the left and you’ll be among the first to find out when we decide the theme for each issue. We are also always open to reading off-topic feature submissions as long as they are feminist, sexy, smart, funny and generally don’t suck. If you have a great idea but aren’t sure if it fits in with a theme we are currently working on, send it anyway, we may hold onto it for a future issue! Submissions should be 2,500 words or less.

The BUST Guide: Decisions about what new stuff to include in the book, movie and music review sections usually happen well in advance of the release dates of these titles, but if you are somehow on the inside track and can get your hands on something you love before the rest of the world has seen/heard/read it, then let us know! Reviews should generally be 150-250 words long and it’s always a good idea to check out old issues of BUST to get a feel for our review style.

Sex Files: Sex toys, sex enhancing products and porno guides for grrrls are some of the titillating topics covered in this sassy section. We invite all you brazen hussies out there to strut your stuff here for the erotic edification of frolicsome feminists everywhere. Submissions should be 250-350 words long.

BUST does not accept poetry. Sorry.

Submission Info: Stories or story ideas can be emailed to submissions@bust.com Please include the following information in your submission:

Full Name

Email Address

Mailing Address

Day and Night Phone Number

If you're emailing your submission, please send it as an attachment. If you are submitting a story idea rather than a story, please also send us clips of your previous writing.

If we're interested in running your piece, we'll get back to you about it. If we aren't, we will try to let you know but it may take a very long time and we can't promise you that we'll be able to. Please don't take it personally: it's just that we are woefully understaffed here at BUST HQ.

Compensation: $50 - $100

Berkley Jove HEAT

From the Berkley Publishing Group:

1) Length should be from about 85,000 to 100,000. Yes, we are doing novellas in collections.

2) Romance is fine for Heat, but it's not necessarily the focus. Happy endings are okay too.

3) I'm looking at all genres -- contemporaries, historicals and paranormals.

4) I'm okay with menage, and some homoerotic elements, but the main relationship should be hetero (think Emma Holly -- she may include homosexual/lesbian elements, but her primary relationship is hetero).

5) For submission -- 3 chapters and synopsis -- the synopsis can be shorter (4 to 10 pages range). If I'm interested in reading more I'll inform the writer.

Address: Cindy Hwang, The Berkley Publishing Group, 200 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Caught Making Out On The Sofa?

Urbana Rue designs, manufactures, and sells, cool cheap furniture online, and the website is launching in one month. (You can check it out, but the site is still in progress.)

Their assignment? "Write a 100-200 word journal entry about how you once got caught making out or having sex on a sofa. The journal entry can be completely fictional if you want, but it MUST use the word “sofa” at least 5 times AND the word “furniture” at least 5 times. Your journal entry cannot be x-rated or sexually explicit but it can be suggestive and humorous. Your writing doesn’t have to be too polished. Stream of consciousness is fine. Your journey entry will be titled: “I Got Caught on (enter a date here), and you should give your journal entry a date. You shouldn’t need to spend more than one hour writing this whole thing."

They are re going to use these journal entries on the website to add some personality to the website and also to hopefully drive search engine results through the use of the words “sofa” “and furniture” in our website content.

Note: By accepting payment, you agree to grant Urbana Rue all rights to publish your journal entry online at http://www.urbanarue.com. If they decide not to use your journal entry, then you retain all rights to the piece and we pledge not to use it in any form without paying you.

Compensation: $20 (immediately via paypal - or by check if you want) for the first 10 really good journal entries that we receive.

Send your journal entry via email to Barry at telos2@aol.com

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Publicity - an important aspect of the writer's life

by Cheryl Wright, All rights reserved

September 2004 I attended my first writer’s conference as a presenter.

It was a small one – only 20 people. The group is the Australian Community Writers, which was set up for regional writers who don’t get much of a fair go here in Australia; they tend to be either ignored or forgotten by most of the writer’s associations.

I’m a member of the group and I was asked to present a workshop on creating characters. (Yes, I was paid for it!) I made huge laminated posters of each of my three books, made up brochures – also featuring all three books plus my writer’s ezine, had business cards available, and both of my ebooks on CD. I reduced the price slightly for the conference, $3 and $4 respectively, and sold much more than I expected.

I sold five copies of “Think Outside the Square: Writing Publishable (Short) Stories” and five copies of my new ebook “I Wanna Win! – Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Writer”. Had my upcoming novel “Saving Emma” already been available, I would have sold quite a few copies of that as well. Practically every person in my workshop wanted to buy it on the spot.

I used snippets from “Saving Emma” as examples throughout the workshop, including reading bits here and there, as well as using it for examples of conflict, motivation, and emotion. I packaged the workshop into a handout that was bound with a spiral spine, giving each person something to take home. The handout included links to all my books.

I slipped one of my brochures into the cover of each handout before I gave them to the workshop participants. (Read as: they all received my brochure, like it or not.)

The other published authors and the organisers told me later they were very impressed by my marketing tactics. So much so that I have already been booked for next year’s conference, where I will be presenting a workshop on marketing.

A couple of days later I received an email from one of the participants telling me she’d enjoyed the workshop and learned quite a lot from it. She also said she intended to book into my online workshop in 2005.

In my opinion it is extremely important to present yourself in an organised and professional light. It makes a huge difference to how people (read as: buyers) perceive you.

About the author: Cheryl Wright is an award-winning Australian author and freelance journalist. In addition to an array of other projects, she writes a monthly travel column for a magazine in the US and is the author of “Think Outside the Square: Writing Publishable (Short) Stories” and “I Wanna Win! – Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Writer”. (Both available from www.writer2writer.com) Her debut novel “Saving Emma” was released January 2005.

Lady Jaided

Lady Jaided, a print magazine, is looking for intelligent, edgy journalistic stories, although they will consider essays and first-person accounts that address all aspects of sexuality from the female perspective.

Not accepting any fiction submissions. Not looking for regular columnists.

To be considered for publication, send at least two samples of non-fiction writing and brief descriptions of stories you’d like to write to susan.edwards@ladyjaided.com.

Compensation: Pay is 10-25 cents per word, depending on the experience of the writer, the complexity of the story, and the amount of research required.

Love in a Lock-Up Anthology

Prisoners, hoods, criminals, cops, guards, wardens and jailhouse lovers are alive and well at Starbooks Press.

Love in a Lock-Up will be about those men who find themselves on the wrong side of the law, who are locked in a cell with one or more hot men, and who satisfy their needs the only way cellmates know how. Sometimes, a hot guard or warden gets in on the action.

I am seeking well-written stories that are erotic, not pornographic. I am interested in muscle men, twinks, everyday Joes, cops, guards and wardens, along with other men who end up doing behind bars what they never would have considered on the outside. These men end up in small town jails, county lock-ups, state prisons and maximum security facilities. They spend 24 hours a day in the company of dangerous men and even the few who are less dangerous. Whichever they are, they only seek a release for their pent up sexual desires. I am seeking real stories in which sex derives naturally and logically from the characters and from the story. I want well-developed characters, plots, situations, settings, and internal consistency. Humor is greatly appreciated as these characters are meant to have fun and enjoy themselves. However, we do ask that you do not include extremely violent rape, beating or murder scenes.

Feel free to query editor Eric Summers with your ideas for this anthology at eric@starbookspress.com.

See the complete guidelines here.

Compensation: Contributors will be paid upon publication and receive one contributor's copy of the anthology.

Deadline: August 30, 2006

Bodacious Magazine

Bodacious, a print magazine, celebrating the BBW, is looking for article and story sumbisisons -- all must be BBW related. Here are a few suggestions:

Editorial Topics (ie, lifesyles, facesitting etc.)

Erotic Stories (Fiction or Non-Fiction)

Jokes and Wisecracks



Send samples &/or ideas you may have to publisher@bodaciousmagazine.com

Or write:

Bodacious Magazine 7095 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 558 Hollywood, CA. 90028 USA

Compensation: As a new venture, compensation is to be decided between the magazine owner, Zik, and the author.

Blackfire Print Magazine

Blacfire, an erotic magazine for black men, posts the following call:

Because you're reading these guidelines, you're one step closer to having us accept your work than are many others. We want to hear from you by way of a tantalizing query, a top-notch completed manuscript, or an article we can't resist featuring on the cover. Every year we work with a few unpublished writers, and in our pages you can also find the bylines and credits of established professionals. It doesn't matter if you're a pro or a novice. If the material meets our needs and standards, we use it.

Blackfire seeks stories, articles, and a very limited amount of poetry all related to black men unclothed or in erotic situations.

Here is a partial list of needs:

• Full-length erotic fiction of 2,000-4,000 words detailing the exploits of black men in the life.

• Nostalgia and humor pieces are welcome if they are black, ITL and erotic. We also publish historical articles and first-person accounts that meet these criteria.

• Where-to articles that include details on where black men in the life congregate. These can range from the latest local bar to out-of-the-way resorts. Thoroughness and accuracy are the keys to acceptance of these articles.

• Shorts. We use articles of 400 to 700 words with one to two photos for one-pagers. Subjects include fresh, sharply focused erotic ideas.

• We do not solicit product reviews, games or puzzles. Subjects considered inappropriate include stories that refer to minors, illegal drugs, bestiality, water sports and scat.

Erotic fiction can range from descriptions of idealized men having idealized sex ("his 13-inch dick spurted a cupful of love juice"), to depictions of typical men in plausible encounters ("homeboy didn't have no meat, but I didn't care; I wanted that booty"), to unconsummated hints at sex ("ballet is the politically correct way for men to stare at other men's dicks in public"). We are partial to the latter two categories.

We are not interested in stories that demean black men or place them in stereotypical situations.

Deadlines: Accept submissions year-round. Submit seasonal material six months in advance. For instance, a piece about Kwanzaa in December must be received in June, and an April piece about Easter must be in our hands in October.

To submit your work, email newsroom@blk.com. Submissions may also be mailed to Editor, Blackfire, PO Box 83912, Los Angeles, CA 90083-0912. (Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with adequate postage if you want your work returned.) Submissions may be faxed to the Editor at 310-410-9250. They usually respond within a month.

For more information, see their submission guidelines.

Compensation: $101 & Up

Monday, January 02, 2006

Book Reviewers, Authors Welcome!

AllReaders pays for book reviews, and does list erotic works as well as some non-fiction works on sexuality, as a quick search for the word 'sex' shows.

For details, check their book reviewer page. Note their rather strident terms, which is countered perhaps by their willingness to allow authors to promote their own books.