Monday, December 19, 2005

SonicErotica is an independent underground erotica project seeking original story submissions for online publication.

Short stories, approximately 1000-2000 words in length.

They seem a tad hyper - including their rules, but they do pay. Compensatioon begins at $50.

For more, see their submissions page.


Anastasia said...

I'd like to make a comment regarding this site, since I'm from Australia myself. Firstly, it's still not up and running, secondly it's difficult to gauge the type of erotica (or extremes) they're looking for and thirdly, it's really annoying as well as insulting to one's intelligence (particularly if one's over the age of thirty) to receive a 'Dear John' rejection letter (worded exactly like a Dear John letter). I've submitted work to many publications around the world (various genres), and this is the most unprofessional type of response I've ever received - ever. The email and its patronizing attitude/voice with the 'we just need to keep on trying' bit really stank and I nicely informed them of this: a one sentence 'yes or no' is more professional.

It's unfortunate, considering they're based in Australia. I was disappointed and don't plan on bothering submitting anything to anyone within my country again.

NaughtyWords said...

Sorry to hear it wasn't a positive exp, but thanks for the info, L'etranger.

I hope you find other postings here which bring you better luck!