Thursday, December 08, 2005


Romantic Short Love Stories is always looking for submissions:

Romantic short stories that are geared toward the attraction between a man and woman but not necessarily the act of making love, are better suited for my magazine. I seek stories that create sensualism and the tug-of-war of sexual attraction, but stories that keep it vague concerning what goes on in the bedroom.

Occasionaly I receive short stories from writers that are exactly what I'm looking for, however the love scenes are too graphic. If I come across stories like this, I generally contact the writer and ask if they would be willing to allow me to edit the love scenes and if they like the way it's edited and consent to having it published, then I will publish their work.

(This may be 'too clean' for some of you - but it's a paying gig which can help you work on the story elements/relationships in your writing!)

With the exception of true love stories, all other work may be previously published (aka be a reprint). I also accept work that has never been published before from beginning writers and established writers. Simultaneous submissions are also accepted.

Contributors of accepted work receive a free one year subscription to my Club Romance, in which they may view their work, read romance stories, poetry, and more.

Poets also receive $3/per poem, those who send in their true love stories also receive $15/per true love story, and short story writers also receive $25-50/per short story. Payment is upon publication, with the exception of queried short stories in which writers receive half of the payment up front and half after work is completed.

See the complete guidelines and use their bulletin board for specific ideas.

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