Monday, December 05, 2005

For The Girls

Call for Submissions from For The Girls:

We are seeking submissions for our new “True Confessions” column. This section aims to feature real-life stories of sexual adventures, preferably with a humorous twist. We want to hear amusing anecdotes about first times, best times or only times, amazing erotic triumphs or fabulous
sexual disasters. It can cover almost any topic, so long as it involves sex (see below for conditions).

Articles should be 600 to 1000 words in length. The column should be written for a female heterosexual audience. The stories should inform as well as entertain, and be true to life. Ideally we want to hear from someone new each month, however if your work is fabulous we'll consider commissioning further articles.

For The Girls will retain exclusive electronic rights to the work for six months and non-exclusive rights indefinitely.

Email submissions to: We prefer .doc or .txt attachments with no html formatting, but will also accept submissions in the body of the email. Subject heading should be "True Confessions Submission"

Payment: $50 per piece.

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