Monday, November 21, 2005

Unusual Erotica Contest

Tit Elation, known for its encouragement of erotica writers, has begun a new contest - and this one is rather unusual:

My Partner Doesn't Understand Me Contest

Ah, the oldest complaint in the book! It's the start of many an affair, the reason people seek the help of a sex professional... the end of many a lover's relationship...

Give us a story that captures both the fantasy as well as the emotional desire - and of course, it has to make us HOT!

Characters could be confiding in a counselor, a best friend etc, pleading with a spouse or lover, or putting the moves on a new lover, an escort or prostitute, all with this goal of getting what they want... Are they just telling the story of what they want, or will they get their wish?

Stories should focus on the longing as well as the fantasy itself.

The author of the winning story wins one quarterly 'Best Of' book - and contest winners have a great chance of being in an upcoming issue as well!

The contest begins now, and ends on December 20th, 2005 (midnight, central time).

Submit your stories via the Tit-Elation author area.

Compensation: All accepted stories recieve the usual compensation (see the writer's guide), and the winner receives a copy of one of their print anthologies'.

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