Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Sex Symbols" Anthology

I received this call:

Free Publicity For entertainers,writers,up & coming talent,exotic dancers,parents,models,authors & porn stars we are looking for input from people who are considered "Sex Symbols" either by lifestyle,industry they work,the way you dress,act or your line of work or people who have been lectured for what they do,say or how they dress.

Have you been called a whore or a jigalow for no apparent reason except your line of work? Have you ever been ridiculed for who you are or what you do? (ex: being an entertainer, a sexual person,stripper,porn star,nude model or flirtatiousness")Have you been told that you should'nt do something because you have children?

The book is about people who are judged because of thier line of work, the way they talk,act or dress we are looking for fun stories and experience from everyday people, up & coming talent, and entertainers. We are also looking for stories that are funny as well as stories that are a little more serious.

We are accepting contributing writers and submissions for the book.If you are chosen you will have an opportunity to be featured in a nationally distributed book with your picture, your experience and your contact info, You gain national exposure,and you will also have the opportunity to be interview on the radio. To be considered please send an email with an experience that you had with details of what someone said to you,what you said and how you handled it,your website or webpage if you have one, a picture if you have one,a bio/resume if you have one and a little about yourself and what you do now along with your contact info so that we can reach you.

For more information please send us an email thanks for your input! Serious Only Please! We would like to meet our deadline for December 15th 2005 so that we can take our book with us to the AVN convention in Las Vegas, Nevada

GIGP Managment

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