Friday, November 18, 2005

Sex-Kitten.Net is looking for non-fiction sexual essays & articles for an upcoming issue:

The issue theme is 'Body Parts' and ideas include:

* 'How to' articles & tips on body part specific sex acts (oral sex, anal sex etc)

* Have you always been an 'ass man' or 'ass woman' ~ or did one particular lover turn you into one?

* Your own parts ~ what do you love? What are you constantly at war with?

* Do you or a partner have physical limitations which require special care or positions? (wheelchair bound, disease, amputee, body size etc)

* Do you love a part so much, it's an actual fetish?

Send an email to Put "Body Parts Issue" in the subject line and do not include attachments.

Compensation: Exposure, consideration for regualar columnist postion, print opportunities

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