Monday, November 28, 2005

Seducing Erotica Readers

From the Tit Elation Author's Area:
(used with permission!)

Tit-Elating Story Tip: Emotional Settings

Trying to infuse your stories with better character development & a 'real plot' within the limited space of a short story is challenging. It's even more difficult when you are trying to arouse the reader sexually.

Many writers will forgo any requirements of 'real writing,' such as plot & character development. Instead, they will focus on the "juicy parts." They do this believing that focusing on sex parts & acts will get & keep the reader's attention. But those who write this way forget that the largest sexual organ is the brain - and that a female audience (as well as a discriminating male one) requires this organ be engaged & engorged.

If you'd like to seduce the reader into a memorable experience, you'll need to woo them as well as any lover. To do this, you'll need to have your erotic stories expose human nature along with body parts. An easy way to do this in short story is by giving an emotional setting.

Simply put, emotional settings provide the context for which your characters are getting laid.

It's the reason why those bodies are going to engage in some hot & heavy activities. It's what's motivating them - or what is allowing them to follow their hormonal urges *wink*

Examples of emotional settings are:

a married couple having make-up sex
any first time
turning the tables on a lover
sneaking in a quickie
giving into temptation or taboo
lovers parting or reuniting

Creating the emotional setting allows for the rest of the story to unfold: It's not just two people in any room getting it on, it's these specific individuals, in this specific room, at this specific time. Emotional settings drive more than the action; more than the smells, sights & sounds; they create the mood and the extra heat that readers crave.

Create stories with emotional settings and you'll tit-elate your readers into lustily devouring each of your paragraphs - and make them look for more stories by you!

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