Friday, November 04, 2005

Male Point of View

Keen Publications is seeking stories of modern, driven, creative women who made the first move to get the man of their dreams for a book to be published in 2006.

"Our goal is to empower females to take that first step, rather than wait passively for a man to approach them."

Men, your essays/stories should describe how your wife or partner made that all-important first move to happily nab her prize (you!). Had she not come up to you first, is there a chance that shyness, business or other preoccupations might have kept you from seeking her out? If she hadn't taken that first step --brazen, furtive or otherwise, would you even be together? Please include this information; one of our aims is to convince women to stop automatically assuming that a man who doesn't make the first move may be doing it for reasons other than the fact that 'he's just not into her'.

Compensation: $20 for each story we accept for publication (pub. date 2006).

Put your single-spaced story (600-800 words) in the body of your e-mail (no attachments, please) and put HOW SHE GRABBED HER TIGER in the subject. You may choose to receive credit for your story or submit it anonymously. Either way you will be paid if we publish your story.

Deadline: November 30, 2005.

E-mail your story to

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