Saturday, November 19, 2005

Learning What Turns On Female Readers of Erotica

In an interview with Gracie Passette on Sex-Kitten.Net, Hester Nash of RetroRaunch said:

"At a very simple level, Erotica is for girls, Porn is for boys. Women respond to contest, story, words, while men just need to see naked people doing stuff. But Really, it's a false distinction. Not purely a semantic distance, but... they are words to convey the same thing."

Also discussed in the interview:

Not long ago, Hester was doing research ~ searching for a quote in old booklets. Several of these old publications had stories in them, and while she was scanning them quickly looking for a few lines to suit her purpose, she suddenly realized "my panties are soaking wet!"

Even though she wasn't reading for arousal, the words ~ the details of sexual context & situation ~ moved her past her own context of research.

So, in looking for films which will make women hot, select pornos that offer more words ~ more details to clarify context, more illustration of the situation. This turns up the heat!

For more thoughts one what turns women on, especially regarding the use of words & stories, read the rest of the interview.

For extra credit, read the entire "Pornography & Women" issue. It's sure to give you details on what turns women on -- and off.

I learned enough to add the issue to my permanent links section here. What will you learn?

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