Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gay Male Erotica Call

NightCharm is looking for quality male homoerotic fiction.

Compensation: $50 per reprint, first rights and exclusivity for three months pays $125.00,

For front page non-fiction posts (short posts on gay life or gay culture), they pay $25.

For more information, read their submission guidelines


John Calendo said...

Hi, this is John Calendo, the editor of Nightcharm. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts (and your blog.) Thing is we are no longer purchasing new fiction.

Currently we are working through our backlog of stories and then will stop altogether. If we decide to purchase fiction in the future, our policy will be posted on our submissions page, a link to which can be found on our front page at under the heading "Employment."

Good luck to all fiction writers. We admire your work but have decided to go another way.

John Calendo
Executive Editor, Nightcharm

NaughtyWords said...

Hi John, thanks for the tip/update!