Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Erotica For Married Folks

Catherine Lorraine has plans for an unusual anthology:

"I am searching for stories for a slightly different erotica book. My book will contain stories by married women, for married women. I know many married people who would be interested in erotica if they felt they could relate to it more. I have looked for erotic books that feature
married couples, and couldn't find one, so I decided not to wait for someone else to put one together, I'll do it myself!

I want to collect stories of true love, romance, marriage, and very hot sex. I want women to tell me their stories. I want this to be an actual experience you've had as a married woman. Write about your wedding night, your escape from the kids, any memory about the best sex you ever
had -- in explicit detail -- as a married women. I want the emotion to come through without being sappy.

I prefer stories sent in the body of emails, however a word or word perfect attachment is ok. A publisher has yet to be secured for this project, but I will keep in contact with those who submit stories."

Send stories to Catherine Lorraine at: submit_your_story@yahoo.com

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