Sunday, November 06, 2005

Don't Judge A Book's Author By The Cover

According to this piece in TheBookStandard,Savanna Samson is not happy that a book based on her charater, Vamp, is designed to look as if she wrote it:

The Book Standard: Are you really the author of Vamp?

Savanna Samson: No, I am not. I am only a character.

TBS: But your name is on the cover. Doesn’t that confuse people?

SS: Yeah, I’m not happy about that—that wasn’t the deal. Even the Thunder’s Mouth website has me as the author. When I write a book, it will be my book. This is someone’s fantasy; it’s not my fantasy. I was paid to be a character in the book.

She continues with thoughts on what her book will be about, her thouhgts on erotic books vs. porn etc.

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