Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Columnists Needed

Adult Backwash is looking for columnists.

Writers determine the column's content & focus, which may be personal essays; erotic stories; website, book &/or product reviews; how-to articles on sexuality; thoughts on a favorite passion or kink; commentary on culture, society, politics; etc.

Columnists are also required to post links to the site's directory & participate in message boards activities.

New columnists work with experienced columnists at the site (mentors), for a minimum of 3 columns. Once new writers have exhibited their ability to work alone, they are expected to become more involved at the site by becoming a mentor to new columnists, head newsletters, &/or moderate communities.

Contributing Editor Gracie Passette says:

"We are looking for giant egos with staying power: columnits who have something to say, and who will commit to saying it. This applies both to being passionate about their opinions as well as their commitment to their column. In other words, we need self-starters who will come up with their own ideas, work independently, and continue to update for the glory of it all.

Controversial opinions, topics & presentations are encouraged. However, while we fully support free speech, we will not allow the site to be used for agendas of hate. So don't bother to contact us if you're an idiot who wants a forum to spread malicious crap. Unless it's hatred of the legislation of morality ~ then we might make an exception *wink*."

Interested writers should contact Gracie at, and put 'BW Columnist' in the subject line. Please do not send attachments as none will be opened unless requested.

Compensation: Exposure

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