Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Celebrating Plus-Sized Beauty

Ann Vremont has started a new site called The Reluctant Nude: celebrating plus-sized beauty.

One of the features of the site is to select a Book Of The Month featuring plus-sized women.

It's a novel idea, and a great way for those who write about the sensuality & beauty of larger women to gain exposure (without being nude themselves!), so I asked Ann about the site - here's what she had to say:

The page (it's part of my overall author site) is about two months new and this is the first contest. I plan on a periodic contest in which visitors nominate a plus-size (body, not word count) romance novel (erotic or not, but likely the former considering where I post my promos) for the Book of the Month and I select four candidates from the nominations.

Visitors then get the opportunity to vote. The prize pool will vary and visitors have two chances to enter the prize drawing, one by nominating and one by voting. Hopefully, I will run the contest monthly but I am skipping December because there undoubtedly will be low audience buy-in over the holidays.

The winning BOTM will be announced (along with my (planned) culling and posting links to online reviews available for the winning book), as well as the contest winner(s), both on the site and in a pdf newsletter. Again, because I am still working on audience and author buy-in, the newsletter content will vary.

I have one contributor's article finished and am awaiting a planned submission from another contributor. I also will have a plus-size title excerpt (not necessarily from a nominated title--and I am going to be self-serving on the first newsletter for my own plus-size release).

I would say that, for the current newsletter, anyone interested in submitting newsletter content has until the 25th of November (a little longer for brief items that will not need any (or only a little) editorial exchange). Content may include book announcements (erotica/romantica/or far tamer), award announcements, market news, reviews (original or links to new offsite reviews), articles, short fiction, excerpts. Again, it may be erotica/erotic romance/or tame, and it doesn't have to be fiction. It just has to be related to plus-sized beauty. And individuals submitting should anticipate that the grammar, usage and structure of their content will be edited. Editing does not apply, however, to excerpts from already published material--and if such an excerpt needs edited, it won't be included in the newsletter.

You can contact Ann about writing for the newsletter as well as having your book nominated by emailing reluctantnude@annvremont.com, putting "visit to the reluctant nude web site" in the subject line.

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