Saturday, November 05, 2005

About Sexuality Guides

It appears that may be in need of a Sexuality Guide!

Though not listed on their site as an available opening, the area is marked 'apply now' and is sans a guide.

"Each Guide is carefully screened and trained by About. All Guides must successfully complete the About training program and maintain our high standards in user services and community leadership. Guides write original informative articles, provide the Web's best links for their topics, and give their readers what they need to know. This relationship between Guides and users makes About a dynamic service that truly responds to the needs of anyone who visits."

For additional details, please see the Guidelines Page.

To repeat, this postion appears available. I would suggest conacting the site at to inquire about the availability.

Compensation: "Guide compensation is based on page views. Each Guide is assigned a unique page view rate for each thousand page views the site gets each a month. No matter what their page view rate is, Guides get paid a minimum of $500 for their first full-month on the network and are guaranteed at least $500 as long as they increase page views each month. Check out compensation for more details."

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