Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Women's Roles in Erotic Literature

A third year University student is looking for help with her dissertation. The project is titled "Why women's roles in erotic literature have increased as social attitudes change."

Her aim is to gather as much primary research from people on their upbringing and how they feel this shaped their sexual attitude etc...

The questions are below & interested persons should copy & paste them into an email, reply with their answers, and email to Lucy at creativewriter1985@hotmail.com.


To begin, could you give me some information on yourself, for example your age (if you don’t mind!), your sex, whether or not you had a religious upbringing etc… As much information on your background as you feel comfortable supplying.

How did your upbringing shape your attitude towards sex and sexuality, if at all?

What was sex education like when you were at school? How much detail did they go into?

Why do you think attitudes towards sex are more relaxed nowadays? Are there any particular social events that you think brought about the change?

What do you think is the attitude of your peers towards sex and sexuality?

What do you think is the attitude of your peers towards erotic literature?

If you read erotic literature, how did you discover it and why do you read it?

If you write erotic literature, what made you start writing?

Do you hide your writing/readership from people close to you? Please explain your answer.

What, in your opinion, is the purpose of erotic literature?

Why do you think more and more women are reading and writing erotica?

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