Friday, October 28, 2005

Violence in Relationships

Equilibri-Yum is looking for interviews, research articles, study reviews, & personal essays in the areas of domestic violence: emotional, verbal, & physical abuse, as well as rape & sexual asault.

This project is focused on abuse in the context of sexual partners (spouses, couples, lovers). We seek input & involvement regardles of gender, sexual orientation or legal status of the relationship.

Of particular interest are cases where there are children in the family, though other areas/situations will be considered.

Along with essays & interviews with survivors, family members of victims, counselors, those who work/volunteer as advocates in the areas of domestic violence, we are looking for more clinical & statistical information/research as well. For along with personal stories, this project will be looking at the institutions involved.

Institutions to be evaluated include:

social service

police & law enforcement


hospitals & medical professionals

criminal court (judges, DA, victims witness offices etc)

family court (guardian ad litems, lawyers, etc)

non-profit organizations who work either with victims or work in areas of legislation

If you have a story, or an interest in the area of victims rights, please contact us!

Please email your introduction & ideas to - and please put "Violence in Relationships" in the subject line.

(Do not send attachments, unless requested. None will be opened. Thank you.)

There is compensation for those who participate in the project.

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