Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Simone's Diary

Simone's Diary is a new website providing personalized erotic stories created for clients' needs and desires. After a glowing review from amNewYork's sex columnist Simone is currently flooded with orders and is looking to expand her network of authors.

Think you have what it takes to write high-quality literary erotic short stories with quick turnaround times? Prove it!

Use the guidelines below to send Simone a written sample of no more than 375-words:

* Narrative type: 3rd person
* Location: Wine Bar
* Time: Present-Day
* Characters: 3

* Character #1: Simone. White. Female. Prefers males. 32 years old. Black hair, brown eyes. Petite but curvy. Writer. Shy but adventurous. Classy but form fitting clothing.

* Character #2: Jeffrey. White. Male. Prefers males and females. 29 years old. Blond hair, blue eyes. Sharp but feminine features, dancer body. Actor. Witty. Metrosexual.

* Character #3: Phil. White. Male. Prefers males and females. 22 years old. Auburn curly hair, green eyes. Classically handsome, chiseled body. Waiter. Sexually aggressive but not sketchy. Black collared shirt and black pants.

* Style: Explicit

* Plot: Simone and Jeffrey are celebrating at a wine bar late one night. They are the last couple left and Phil offers to give them a special private tasting in the cellar...

Send your stories to webmaster@simonesdiary.com. Your confidentiality will be preserved and your writing will not be used by Simone's Diary for any reason.

Simone will contact you if she is interested in your work. Please do not send follow-up emails.

Compensation: With fees for stories starting as low as $15, the compensation varies - it is listed as payment "up to $120 per story".

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