Tuesday, October 11, 2005

FBI After Story Sites Too

Normally, I refrain from political statements/posts here - there are plenty of blogs dedicated to such matters. But this recent bit of news is of concern to our world of smut writing.

The FBI has seized materials & effectively closed one erotic story site. While the site owner has apparently side-stepped some of the main issues, such as stories containing sex with minors, there are reasons to be concerned: The FBI is not only focused on photo/movie sites, but after text sites as well.

This news has opened debate, and questions, such as:

Are stories in the same class as photographic materials?

Are fantasies protected, or are they in the same 'class' as illegal activities which do use real humans?

If story sites are not 'safe' - what about books & printed materials?

Should authors & webmasters be concerned that the FBI/administration's actions will eventually close all their business avenues?

A clear discussion of some of the main issues can be read in two parts in this blog:

Part One
Part Two

Again, to avoid any political or personal agenda, I present this as a 'need to know' for all writers who work in the erotica genre as well as those who pen articles of any sexual type, including educational works.

Now may be the time to consider joining some of the organizations which support free speech & the First Amendment in the US.

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