Thursday, October 06, 2005

Beyond Choice: Voices of Real Women

This post isn't erotic, but definitely something sex writers may wish to know about...

BEYOND CHOICE: VOICES OF REAL WOMEN -- Open Call for Stories on Abortion Experiences

Are you a woman who has had an abortion?

You are not alone and your story is important.

We are editing a book about abortion and we want to hear your story.

This work is not a political treatise and we do not have an agenda. We simply want the voices of real women who have had abortions to be heard. Beyond Choice will be published by a major U.S. publisher and will focus on the experience of abortion: what leads women to consider abortion, what it’s like to have one, and how it factors into real, lived lives.

We are women united by only one act: we had an abortion.

Beyond Choice will include voices of women who vote republican and democrat, women who are young and old, rich and poor, women who are married and single, gay and straight, women who are religious and secular, and women who condemn and are not ashamed of their experiences. You do not have to be a gifted writer to share your story.

Send a 2-15 page essay told in your own words, along with your name or a fake name (if you’d prefer to remain anonymous) and an e-mail address to by November 30, 2005.

Everyone who submits an essay will be considered for inclusion in this important book.

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