Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Writer's Chat With Katy Terrega


The Writers Chatroom is pleased to welcome back this Wednesday night's chat guest, writer Katy Terrega. Chat moderator Glenn Walker will be interviewing Katy and also taking questions from the room. To find out more about Katy, see her bio below.


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Wednesday evening, September 14th, 2005

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Katy Terrega's been writing full-time for over ten years and is well-known as a sex writer, writing regularly for many adult magazines, including Swank, Gallery, Playgirl, Score, Penthouse
Variations, Hustler Fantasies and many more. Nonfiction articles and columns are her mainstay but she also writes full-length fiction, letters and copy, and she was featured as a sex writer in
the 2004 Writer's Market.

"Writing about sex is definitely an interesting job for a mother in the suburbs," she admits with a laugh, "and it's been a challenge, but well worth the struggle." Terrega had writing ambitions from an early age but never believed that she could actually make it as a writer. "I thought," she admits, "that being a successful writer was somehow out of my league, and it took me many years to overcome that negative thinking."

It wasn't until she was in her early thirties that she began to submit and sell sex stories and articles, but soon she was writing for more 'mainstream' markets, as well. "In addition to
writing for sex markets," she says, "I also write for magazines and newspapers such as Writer's Digest, Cat Fancy, the Denver Post and others."

In 1999, she published her book, "It's a Dirty Job. Writing Porn For Fun and Profit" (Deep South) and shortly thereafter founded her free newsletter to help other writers succeed in the sex genre. She now has over 2,700 subscribers, many of whom credit Katy and her newsletter for their first and subsequent sales. She also founded Sex-Writer.com a pay subscription site that lists updated markets for sex writers, along with articles, essays and advice for both aspiring and professional writers.

Katy enjoys helping other writers and has nurtured hundreds, if not thousands, of fledging writers on their journey towardpublication. In this chat, she'll be happy to answer questions
about what it takes to be a 'real' writer; from believing in yourself and actually taking the plunge, to learning from your mistakesand staying the course even after rejection.

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