Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Three Rules

Betti Mustang wrote a great column, So you wanna write fuck-stories..., which is worth reading...

On Going Calls for Erotic Story Websites is looking for erotic short story writers in all niches (Lesbian, Gay, Orgy etc.). Send samples, and questions, to Dee:

Bi sexual stories needed at Three Pillows. Stories should focus on two males with one female. More specifics in the writer's guidelines.

Tit Elation is looking for erotic stories for women -- Hetero & Lesbian. Stories should have an emphasis on foreplay and courtship. Read their guidelines here.

Pussywhipped Online Magazine

Pussywhipped Online Magazine is a new adult magazine built on the theme that the large majority of men and an ever-growing number of women are pussywhipped. The online magazine is published in conjunction with the History of Erotica website.

Contest Guidelines: Our erotica contests are threefold in nature. We sponsor a monthly contest and will publish the top three entries on the Pussywhipped Online Magazine website. The winning entry is paid $10.00 US. The top three entries qualify for the Quarterly contest with a payout of $20.00 US and the Annual contest with a payout of $50.00.

Published stories will be archived on the History of Erotica website for a period of one year from the date of last publication. Stories may remain in archive beyond one year unless the author requests removal. Authors may submit their stories elsewhere.

We are seeking well-written erotic short stories of 750 to 1,000 words. Strong sexual content is fine. No incest, bestiality, minors or non-consensual stories, please. Light bondage or discipline will be considered but no blood.

The complete details are available in their guidelines for writers.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Risque Collectors

Equilibri-Yum is looking for persons who collect mature items such as vintage nudie magazines, risque figurines, 'French' post cards, bar items etc. for an article on historical items.

If you are a collector, or if you know a collector who might be willing to collaborate or be interviewed, please contact Gracie at putting "Risque Collector" in the subject line.

Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Transgendered Non-Fiction

Constant Content has a client requesting articles relating to GBLT issues, such as book & film reviews, finance, fashion, family, the arts etc.

They have requested 15 stories/articles, and will pay $50-$100 for articles of 2000+ words.

(Register at thte site to see the full details on this & other requested projects.)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Call for Black Velvet Seductions

We are currently seeking submissions for all of our romance lines. We publish several lines, including our sweet line Tender Destinations, our more sensuous line Sensuous Journeys, our erotic line Forbidden Experiences, and our romantic suspense line Amorous Adventures. We publish both contemporary and historical novels within each of these lines. We also publish a small amount of science fiction romance and a small amount of paranormal type romance, also within each of these lines. In any of these sub-genres the romantic elements must carry the story.

We publish e-books, audio CD's and e-books on CD. We do not publish paper books, nor do we have any plans to do so. We believe e-books and audio books are the wave of the future, and we are devoting all our energies to supplying current e-book readers and developing new markets for e-books and audio books.

We are a royalty paying company. We offer the best royalty rate in the industry. Authors receive royalties of 50% of the cover price on all items sold from our website. For items sold in other venues, we pay 50% of the cover price minus the discount paid to the selling organization.

We are very open to both published and unpublished authors and accept unagented and unsolicited manuscripts, partials and queries. In most cases, if a manuscript is close to publishable quality but needs some revision, we will offer a revision letter with specific revision requirements as opposed to a rejection. We offer a higher than normal amount of feedback on all manuscripts we receive, even those that do receive a rejection letter. We see this as an investment in an author that we hope will submit to us again.

We have a firm commitment to supporting writing organizations and the authors who belong to them. We welcome opportunities to work with writer's organizations. Feel free to contact us for items to use for door prizes for conferences and workshops if your organization is holding one. We are happy to serve as contest judges, workshop speakers, and lecturers and to offer author/editor appointments on a limited basis at workshops we attend.

We also publish a newsletter. It can be obtained by sending an e-mail to: We are happy to publicize romance writing workshops and contests in our newsletter as space allows. Simply let us know of your upcoming event by sending us an e-mail at:

Because we publish across many sub-genres and have lines to represent everything from sweet romance to very hot erotic romance there is space in our lineup for many different and unique author voices. We invite authors to write their best stories and submit them to us. We represent an excellent opportunity for unpublished authors to become published as we are very committed to discovering and developing new authors.

There are a few things we are looking for across all our lines. They are:

*Authors who take something ordinary and make it super extraordinary.

*Very well developed multi-dimensional characters

*A high degree of emotional impact

*A high degree of sexual tension both before the hero and heroine make love and after.

*Well-developed backstories.

*Although the hero and heroine may (hopefully will have) a very rough path to the happily ever after ending the stories must end with the hero and heroine happily ever after together.

*Stories told in third person viewpoint-shifts in viewpoint between hero and heroine and other important characters is acceptable, even desirable.

If you would like more details, visit the website. If you have questions you would like to ask about our company, please send e-mail to

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Calling All Book Lovers!

Ephemera Bound Publishing has arranged for donated books to get directly into the hands of those who have survived hurricane Katrina.

By partnering with he Salvation Army of Houston, which is already helping many of the survivors & evacuees, and using the power of, the donated books will get to the people who need them AND both giver & reciever have the opportunity to communicate.

Read more, and pass the link along!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Penthouse Call

Penthouse Variations is a digest-sized magazine, which is published twelve times a year. Editorial content, which varies per month, consists of feature stories and reader letters in some of the following categories:

Anal Sex, Bisexuality, Bondage, Casual Encounters, Dominant Sexplay, Exhibitionism, Erotic Fantasy, Exotic Vacations, Female Domination, Fetishism, Group Sex, Lesbianism, Masturbation, May/December Affairs, Oral Sex, Outdoor Sex, Role-Playing, Sex Toys, S&M, Spanking, Swinging,
Threesomes, Tickling, Transvestism, Video Sex, Voyeurism, Watching My Wife.

Submissions to Penthouse Variations should be double-spaced and on white paper. If you are making a professional freelance submission to be published as one of our feature stories, be sure to clearly indicate this in a cover letter to the editor. Penthouse Variations publishes First-person narratives in the 3,000 to 3,500 word range, containing explicit sex scenes set within a specific category and placed within the context of a realistic plot with well-developed characters. Stories should be written in past tense. Submissions written in present tense will not be considered. We do not publish poetry of any kind.

Penthouse Variations does not accept unsolicited electronic story submissions or pay for material sent to the editorial office via e-mail. For your material to be considered for publication as a feature story, you must send a manuscript to the editorial office with your legal name and mailing address printed on the first page. Please include an SASE or a working e-mail address for a reply.

Penthouse Variations will not consider unsolicited material that has been previously published in print, online or any other format. Penthouse Variations purchases all rights to contracted material. Payment for an accepted, fully revised manuscript is up to $400.00. One contributor's copy of the magazine is mailed to each author of a feature story upon publication.

Manuscripts usually take six to eight weeks to be read. They may be rejected because of the quality of the writing, a lack of category focus or because the category described is unsuitable or oversold to us. We strongly recommend that writers read several issues of the magazine to become familiar with our categories, style and vocabulary.

Penthouse Variations is proud of its reader-generated letter sections and less experienced writers should feel free to make submissions to the editor on this basis. Reader letters may be of any length or subject matter and may be typed or handwritten. Letters may be sent to the editorial office via surface mail or e-mail at: Letters to Penthouse Variations magazine are assumed intended for publication and republication in all media, in whole or in part, edited or unedited. All letters become the property of Penthouse Variations. We do not make payments for letter material.

We guarantee confidentiality of all material, both letters and stories. In fact, we choose pseudonyms in order to avoid writers inadvertently revealing their identities in choosing their own.

Penthouse Variations
Penthouse Media Group
2 Penn Plaza, Suite 1125
New York, NY 10121

Sample stories and letters may also be viewed at Penthouse Variations's web site.

Writer's Chat With Katy Terrega


The Writers Chatroom is pleased to welcome back this Wednesday night's chat guest, writer Katy Terrega. Chat moderator Glenn Walker will be interviewing Katy and also taking questions from the room. To find out more about Katy, see her bio below.


The Writers Chatroom is located here. Click on "Enter Chatroom," log-in with your name and
Wednesday night's case-sensitive password will be: katy


Wednesday evening, September 14th, 2005

Pacific Time 7:00 PM
Mountain Time 8:00 PM
Central Time 9:00 PM
Eastern Time 10:00 PM
Atlantic Time 11:00 PM
London Time 3:00 AM Thursday
Sydney Time 12:00 Noon Thursday


Katy Terrega's been writing full-time for over ten years and is well-known as a sex writer, writing regularly for many adult magazines, including Swank, Gallery, Playgirl, Score, Penthouse
Variations, Hustler Fantasies and many more. Nonfiction articles and columns are her mainstay but she also writes full-length fiction, letters and copy, and she was featured as a sex writer in
the 2004 Writer's Market.

"Writing about sex is definitely an interesting job for a mother in the suburbs," she admits with a laugh, "and it's been a challenge, but well worth the struggle." Terrega had writing ambitions from an early age but never believed that she could actually make it as a writer. "I thought," she admits, "that being a successful writer was somehow out of my league, and it took me many years to overcome that negative thinking."

It wasn't until she was in her early thirties that she began to submit and sell sex stories and articles, but soon she was writing for more 'mainstream' markets, as well. "In addition to
writing for sex markets," she says, "I also write for magazines and newspapers such as Writer's Digest, Cat Fancy, the Denver Post and others."

In 1999, she published her book, "It's a Dirty Job. Writing Porn For Fun and Profit" (Deep South) and shortly thereafter founded her free newsletter to help other writers succeed in the sex genre. She now has over 2,700 subscribers, many of whom credit Katy and her newsletter for their first and subsequent sales. She also founded a pay subscription site that lists updated markets for sex writers, along with articles, essays and advice for both aspiring and professional writers.

Katy enjoys helping other writers and has nurtured hundreds, if not thousands, of fledging writers on their journey towardpublication. In this chat, she'll be happy to answer questions
about what it takes to be a 'real' writer; from believing in yourself and actually taking the plunge, to learning from your mistakesand staying the course even after rejection.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sex Worker Anthology

Contributors wanted for an anthology of writing by sex trade workers to be published by Soft Skull Press. All genders are encouraged to submit, as are current or former workers from any area of the sex industry:

survival workers, strippers, whores, hustlers, pro dommes, film or print models, escorts, etc.

All kinds of takes on the industry, positive to negative, are welcomed. Essays, narratives, and comics are all acceptable, fiction or non. Unpublished writers welcomed.

We are looking not only for accounts of personal experience, but also for pieces that reflect the unique position sex trade workers occupy on the front lines of struggles with race, class, gender, ownership, and desire.

Deadline: November 1st, 2005

Length of submissions: 1500-3500 words

Send submissions as word or .txt attachments to:

Editor: Annie Oakley

Publisher: Soft Skull Press

Payment: Fee and copy of the book

Best Sex Writing 2006

Cleis Press is the publisher of Best Sex Writing, the new series featuring exciting, arousing, and most importantly, intelligent nonfiction sex writing. We are looking for personal essays and reportage for inclusion in the 2006 edition, which will hit stores in May 2006.

Best Sex Writing 2005 was edited by none other than author Violet Blue, also the new editor of
the Best Women's Erotica series.

Best Sex Writing 2006 will be edited by Cleis Press publishers Felice Newman (author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book) and Frédérique Delacoste (editor of Sex Work: Writings by Women in the Sex Industry). This is the first book to be co-edited by the two publishers since 1980.

We invite your submissions for Best Sex Writing 2006:

LENGTH: Up to 6000 words; please include bio note and information on previous publication.

SEND: Paste text into the body of an email (no attachments and no snail mail submissions)

EMAIL: and


DEADLINE: October 1, 2005

PAYMENT: Upon publication

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Adult Product Reviewer/Writer Opportunities

Jack Off Material is accepting website reviewer applications.

Sex Herald is looking for Associate Editors, Product Reviewers, News Writers, and Editorial Columnists/Investigative Journalists.

Constant Content has a client who is looking for someone to write flirty, suggestive stories for a lingerie website. They have requested "suggestive stories - no porn, graphic descriptions, or foul language."

They need 2-4 articles a month (approx 300-500 words each), and will pay for them. (You will need to register in order to see the list of requested projects.)

Two Contests at Tit-Elation

There are two erotica contests at Tit-Elation:

Tit-Elate Tess Contest

One editor, Tess, is offering a bottle of Floral Scented Massage Oil ~ as well as the usual compensation at TE *if* you can tit-elate her!

Tease & please Tess with your stories about "First Times" and get your reward!

Enter the contest by submitting your stories through the Tit-Elation author area. Entries will be accepted until September 30, 2005.

Supernatural Erotica Contest

Another editor, Roxanne says "I want sexy supernatural erotica; ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, goblins, ghouls, anything like that. No guts and gore, some blood is OK as long as it is not gory. (The vampire theme could include blood in a sexy way.) I'm looking for sexy with a supernatural twist, not horror with erotic elements."

All stories entered are eligible for the usual site compensation, but only one will be deemed good enough to bewitch Roxanne ~ and to prove it, the winner will receive a Love Prism sex wand (to bewitch who else...? only the winner knows!)

Stories will be accepted until October 15, 2005. Submit them through the registered author's area.

BUST Magazine Call

Call for Erotic Fiction Submissions from BUST Magazine:

Give Good Read?

Are you a daring dame who knows her way around a dirty story? Think you can inspire a little self-directed friction with your erotic fiction? Then send your smut to the attention of BUST Magazine's One Handed Read section, where hotness rules and cliché drools.

Submissions should be approximately 1500 words long, and emailed as a Word attachment (don't forget to include all of your contact info) to

Payment is $100 (US).
Rights are negotiable
Underage characters and bestiality are no-nos, but everything else is ok.